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Tony "The Bomber" Bellew (Professional Boxer)

Tony had a visit from Everton's Tim Cahill at the Gym, as 'The Bomber' put in some training for his next fight on Friday at the Echo Arena. Tony hopes to keep his unbeaten record in tact, as Tim hopes to knock seven bells out of the corner flag on Saturday with another goal celebration. Lets get behind our fellow Blue. Full ticket details here. Good luck Tony from all at Blue Kipper. Thanks to Paul for the photo. (27/10/09)

Congratulations to Tony who won his last fight with a 2nd round KO against Phil Goodwin from Hull. This latest win makes in 7 out of 7 for the Evertonian. (13/12/08)

Local Light-Heavyweight boxer, Tony is a mad Evertonian. He boxed for the Rotunda club as an amateur winning 3 ABA Championships before turning professional. The 25 year old has started with 6 wins from 6 bouts. His prospects are looking good. The beauty for us Evertonians is he comes out to the "Z-Cars" theme. He has the Everton badge on his shorts. The blue and white is also predominant on his dressing gown plus his cornermen and entrance flags all have the badge on display. Apparently some of the Everton players have taken an interest in Tony and sometimes appear at his fights. Paul D.

Tony is fighting on the next big Frank Warren promotion on Friday 10th October 2008 at The Everton Park Sports Centre in Great Homer St. If you can't get to the show. It will be broadcast live on Sky TV. Thanks to Paul D for the info. (01/10/08)














James Graham (St Helens and Great British Rugby League player)

A scouser from Maghull, James is now established as a regular in the all conquering St Helens side. I Went to the match with his brother (Dan) for years, before he started working in (and living 30 seconds from) the Winslow which usually meant him missing the match. James is a big blue (he has even been on the front cover of the Evertonian - jeeesh - big shot!), used my season ticket to sit in the middle of the Lower Gwladys when I couldn't make it and should deffo be on your list. Gaz.

Saint Is A Blue

Simon O'Brien (Actor, TV Presenter)

Without doubt Politically correct Simon is a peoples fan of the peoples club. A diehard Blue since birth, it was Alan Ball that drew him to Goodison. He spent his teen years under the guise of mullet headed Kopshite Damon Grant in Brookside. It is a little known fact that the main reason for him leaving the Close was his constant argument over football issues with his screen mother Sheila (a true redshite hanger on). An avid cyclist and supporter of Eco friendly schemes, Simon will always be seen on match days pedaling along Queens Drive to take up his regular seat in the Lower Bullens. True Blue nuff said. Ted Shire

Mike Hughes (Radio Merseyside Sports Reporter/Producer)

Mike has been an Evertonian since he was a kid and got involved in journalism at Liverpool University by doing interviews and match reports for the student newspaper 'The Gazette.' He trained as a news journalist via the BBC trainee reporter scheme and after spending time at various stations up and down the country, he ended up back at BBC Radio Merseyside as a sports reporter/producer.

He showed his true colours when welcoming home Everton from Wembley in the 80's by climbing onto a bus shelter in Old Swan to get a better view. We still think he gets too excited when he commentates on the redshite.

George Costigan (Actor)

Born in Portsmouth, but raised in Salford, George Costigan trod the East Lancs Road to get to Goodison before treading the boards into the world of acting. A lifelong Blue, George was a regular at Liverpool's Everyman Theatre, where amongst other shows, he starred in Willy Russells' "John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert" the Beatles story and "Blood Brothers" before his most infamous role of Bob, in the 1986 cult movie "Rita, Sue and Bob too." A regular visitor to the Bluekipper website, he says "Me Arl Fellas Shouts" bring back so many happy memories of Goodison wit. Regards, Andy Costigan. (younger brother.)

Leonard Rossiter (Actor)

Rigsby, or Reggie Perrin to us all, take your pick. Leonard Rossiter was born in Merseyside in 1926, and was a Blue from birth. His most famous role saw him as the down and out landlord in Rising Damp, were as the lecherous Rigsby he pined for Miss Jones. Rigsby then became Reggie, as he moved on to become Reginald Perrin the ice cream Director who had a mid life crisis, and faked his own death. Comic genius, and Toffeeman, Leonard sadly died in 1984, the year the Rat lifted the FA Cup.

Warren Bradley (Liverpool City Council Leader)

Liberal Leader and Liverpool City Council Leader Warren Bradley can be seen in the Upper Bullens on match day, were he holds his season ticket. Love him or loathe him, for him or against him, he is a Blue, so he was born with some sense. Not only is the leader of New Labour an Evertonian, so's the City Council leader and head of the Lib Dems. Our appeal crosses the political divide. In the interests of political fair play (haha) we draw your attention to Warren and his goings-on, or lack of them. Fire fighter Warren's famous for saying, "It wasn't me, guv!" to everyone on every subject. This might well be true, which is very worrying for the future of the city and Everton Football Club. After all we've been looking for a new ground for the last fifteen years and Warren's only found out about in the last twelve months. He must have fell asleep during the Walter Smith years and forgot everything that went before. Still we like his fresh look and wet behind the ears soundbites. You wouldn't vote for him but you would ask your baby sitter to keep a close eye on him. Toys, pram, out of, etc. etc.

Adam 'Popey' Pope (Radio presenter)

Popey to his mates is BBC Radio Leeds football pundit , prior to that job, he had the luck of calling the Everton vs Arsenal match , when he who should not be mentioned scored , I think Popey got a bit excited when that one went in and slightly lost his impartial stance, but that was ok as the manager of whatever London station it was , was a Chelsea and fan and replayed it a few times during the week .

Andy Burnham MP for Leigh (Chief Secretary to the Treasury)

Congratulations to Andy, who yesterday was promoted to new Prime Minister Gordon Brown's first cabinet, as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Scouser Andy has been an Evertonian all his life and is a member of the Culcheth Blues. Andy's claim to fame is running on the pitch at Highbury when Everton had beaten Southampton 1-0 in the semi-final of the FA Cup in 1984 with a goal by Inchy.

Vinny "The flying Hippo" O'Connor (SKY Sports Presenter)

Our Vinnie has come along way since he was a football commentator with Radio City in Liverpool. He is now a famous face on Sky TV, as a Sky Sports presenter. A lifelong blue, whose latest assignment was to attend the Blue Kipper Presentation night to interview the Everton legends. Vinny is famous for letting his phone go off with Z- cars playing while interviewing benitez. Vinnie played hockey as a youngster, but likes to keep it quiet!

Emma Wray (Actress)

The lovely Emma Wray of "Watching" fame is also an Evertonian. I always preferred her out of
the two sisters in that show, mainly 'cos Liza Tarbuck's a Red and Emma Wray is fit. See the photo for proof. Emma also stared in the BBC series 'My Wonderful Life'. Ian Stuart.

Graham Lee (National Hunt Jockey)

Tiny Grand National Winner, Graham is a regular at Goodison Park - especially because he can still get away with paying kids prices. The only downside is that Graham has to get people to go to the bar for him at half time. The last time he tried to get a round of Chang's in the barman told him "F**k off, Dopey! And tell your 6 mates not to bother sending Snow White to get their ale in either!" Little Graham is married to quite a tall woman. So tall in fact that during foreplay he has to go up on her! When he was asked why he was still in the nag trade he said that there was nothing better than riding a powerful, muscley, panting, sweaty beast. I guess that is how Fatima Whitbread's husband feels.

Ian Millward (Wigan Rugby League coach)

Ian was sacked by St Helens for swearing in May last year. What a f**king load of tw@tting sh1te! That's the worst f**king decision ever f**king made by the biggest c0ck sucking mother f**kers in the sh1tting world. Sportsmen today are expected to use "Industrial Language" - it is part and parcel of the game. In the work place I would not be able to call my boss a stumpy little f**ked up tw@t hole but in the sports world that is perfectly acceptable. I can't see what the problem is! Foul mouthed Ian maybe Australian but he loves The Toffees and thinks that The Boys in the Royal Blue Jersey are f**king bonza!

Sam Kane (Actor)

Coiffured Sam first came to our attention as the gay hairdresser in Brookside. His cut and blow proved to be very popular with the gay community on the Close. He later reappeared on our screens as a kidnapping peado in Corrie. What's next? Will he be playing a serial sheep rapist on Emmerdale!! In reality Sam is nothing like the twisted deviant bender that we see on the tele. He is in fact married to ex Page 3 stunner Linda Lusardi. When Sam is not on the stage or involved in a "Soap Star and Page 3 model in marital bed romp shocker" he is cheering on the Blues at Goodison Park.

Lee Mavers (The La's)

No! Not "The Fall Guy" - that is Lee Majors! Lee Mavers is world reknown as the lead singer\song writer of 1980's Scouse Pop Trio "The La's" who's timeless hit "There She Goes" has been a hit on 3 separate occassions. Lee's career followed an all so familiar path - young kid makes good, fame comes a knocking, starts experimenting with tea, becomes disillussioned with the music industry and becomes a recluse. Lee enjoyed as much success as Everton did in the 80's and is well worthy of a half time apperance at Goodison. Anything to keep Claire Sweeney off the f**king pitch!

Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud)

"What do you call 4 foxes and a dog?" "Girls Aloud". Nicola has sometimes been referred to as the "ugly one" out of manufactured pop quintet Girls Aloud but here at Blue Kipper we think she is the bestest! Unlike fellow band members she has resisted getting engaged to a broken footed-Cockney-bung taking-left back and is on the look out for an Evertonian boyfriend. In fact during "a long hot summer" I would like "jump" on top of this "love machine" and get down to exploring her "biology". (Did you see what I did there?)

Sophie Howard (Model)

Sophie is every Evertonians favourite Page 3 girl. She's had her knockers over the years (phnar phnar) but Sophie's still going strong. Sophie detests being labelled as being a thick bimbo just because she gets her baps out. In fact, in a recent raunchy interview she was asked what was the best thing about foreplay to which she replied "Definitely Chris Martin's piano playing. I loved Trouble". She did however admit to enjoying kinky sex every now and then. Apparently she has been tied to more bedposts than David Blunkett's dog.

John Hurt (Actor)

Most remembered for his sensitive yet powerful portrayal of deformed Victorian circus freak Iain Dowie (or was it John Merrick?) in The Elephant Man. John has a place in the hearts of anyone who loves movies. John was solely responsible for making the film Alien worth watching. In an interview he was asked what it was like to act alongside an unconvincing rubber puppet. "It was hell. How the f**k Signorney got that part in Ghostbusters after that sh1tty performance is beyond me!"

John Conteh (Boxer)

Born in the roughest part of Kirkby John got his first job as a rear gunner on a milk float but soon became a bit tasty with his fists. Known as "That Cont" in certain circles he went on to win the world light middleweight belt at the tender age of 23. Just like James McFadden (or Will Young if you like), John doesn't like to admit that he has been battered around the ring over the years but he is happy to talk about the mighty Blues all night long.

Billy Butler (Radio Merseyside DJ)

Veteran jockey of the airwaves once invited Gazza onto Hold Your Plums but the mercurial ex Evertonian p1ss head refused saying "Nah way man, they're still f**kin' sore from when Vinny Jones grabbed them!" "Mrs. Butler's Eldest" has spent 30 years in local radio and has been an avid follower of the Blues through thick and thin. Billy was asked why he never socialised with Kopites to which he answered - I have to work with a Wally all day - I don't need to go drinking with one aswell.

"Comedy" Dave Vitty (Radio 1)

Thousands of women wake up to Comedy Dave every morning…. but I bet he is gutted that he is not getting to sh@g them all the night before. Chris Moyle's sidekick may have a face for radio but he has an eye for the Blues. If Dave could have one wish it would be for "Everton to win the league and an end to famine and global conflict". Spare a thought for Dave, because while most of us are tucked up in our beds dreaming of Cameron Diaz or scoring an FA Cup Winner against the Sh1te, Dave is wrestling over the final breakfast doughnut with one of Britain's most dietary-challenged, treble chinned smart-@rses.

Andrew Lancel (D.I. Neil Manson - The Bill)

The hardest man in Sun Hill has one weak spot - Everton FC. Say one word against Moyesy's Men and he'll have your head shoved into a toilet screaming "you're going daaan for this, you nonce!" quicker than the time it takes for Steven Gerrard to change his mind. The man who can boast the biggest and most used truncheon in London spends his spare time listening out for the Blues and keeping fit by walking his dog. I just bet Eddie Kavanagh was made up it wasn’t Andrew who was chasing him across Wembley in '66 - otherwise he might not of given the long arm of the law the slip.

Lee Latchford-Evans (Steps)

What's got 600 legs, 600 hundred arms and no puebs? The front row of a Steps concert. Yes, Lee-LE did subject the world to the pantomime-pop-horror that was Steps but we must look deep…deep into our hearts to forgive him - after all he is named after "The Latch". Plus anyone who could work with a tw@t called H for that long without killing him can't be all bad. It wasn't really a "Tragedy" when Steps disbanded and at least Lee now can spend his weekends watching The Toffees instead of prancing around a stage dressed as a gay lycra cowboy.

Jennifer Ellison (Actress)

The Silicon-Scouser \ Queen of Chav would love to watch her beloved Blues more often but her hectic schedule and the lack royal blue burberry limits her visits to Goodison Park . Gordon Ramsey was so impressed with her succulent dumplings that he crowned her winner of Celebrity Hell's Kitchen. Her relationship with King Kopite Gobshite Steven Gerrard was always destined for failure when Gerrard said that he wanted to leave her then he said he wanted to stay with her then he said he wanted to leave her again.

Matt Dawson (England Rugby Player)

England Rugby World Cup Winner. It just goes to show that Everton can no longer be labeled as the discriminating club it used to be. Not many football families would welcome a man who's famous for grappling with other men and handling odd shaped balls. The toffees were always prominent in the Dawson household - his Dad Les used to eat them by the kilo. Matt has taken over John Parrott as captain of BBC 1's popular spots quiz - A Question of Sport and has taken every opportunity to beat the fat, Patsy Kensit sh@gging, disgrace of a footy pundit Ally McCoist into the ground.

Roger McGough (Poet)

Poet Loriate of Liverpool. Roger's devotion to the Blues will be immortalised in the film The Rutles when Eric Idle introduces him as Roger McGough - he was born in Liverpool, grew up in Liverpool, drank in Liverpool, wrote about Liverpool and his football team is of course…...Everton. My own personal tribute to the Blue Bomneveur goes something like this - "There was a young poet called Roger. Who loved to play with his todger. He hoped that the Blues. Would win more than lose. Or at least go & buy Jay-Jay Okocha!"

John Parrott MBE (Massive Bloody Evertonian)

He has humour, he's graceful around the snooker table and a regular at Goodison Park but you probably wouldn’t want this parrott sat on your shoulder. When he isn't sinking his pink (or downing the brown!!!) JP is voicing support for his beloved Blues. Being Duncan Ferguson's brother in law completely endorses his claim - "I'm blue until I die - always have, been always will be".

Liz McClaron (Atomic Kitten \ Celebrity Love Island)

Hands up lads. Come on! When Liz modelled the 2003-04 kit who also bought an Atomic Kitten CD and a massive box of Kleenex as well? No offence to Alan Stubbs or Lee Carsley - who have modelled the new kits over the last 2 seasons but only Liz has managed to cause a bit of movement in my Farah's. She has the voice of an angel, the body of a sex-kitten and she also supports the Blues. If she could cook and not mind me staying out all night with the lads she'd be my purr-fect woman.

Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene\The Who\ Players \ Tri Valore \ Paul Weller bass player)

A few of the Blue Kipper team saw Damon playing with Paul Weller at The Summer Pops tonight. A rite good do it was. (20/07/05)

This Blue Bassist has got fingers like a millipede. Hob nobbing with musicians "I've met Public Enemy and played bass with Paul McCartney" and footballers alike "I've met some of my heroes. Duncan Ferguson who plays centre forward for Everton, I've been to dinner with him." is all in a days work for the Scouser of Italian descent. If only Uncle Bill asked Damon to write us a new Blue anthem instead of forcing us to endure the painful "No Other Team" sh1te a few seasons ago!

Exclusive Interview With Damon

Sir Paul McCartney (Musician)

His dad was the chairman of Everton Supporters Club years ago. Alex Langley (14/11/08)

Paul McCartney reiterated that he was an Evertonian on the new local radio station 'Citytalk': "It is always lovely for me to go back to Liverpool and play for the home crowd. I am looking forward to that, it should be cool, even though I am an Everton fan officially - when it comes to the crunch, my Dad was born in Everton." (21/02/08)

The loveable Mop Top from the world's greatest group once penned "Can't Buy Me Love. No. No. No. Noooo" That may be true but he could of bought us a new f**king ground. When Macca is not creosoting his bird's leg or getting beaten at Twister by Lady McCartney-Mills, Sir Paul loves nothing more than sitting back, lighting up a spliff and watching old Everton DVD's. Paul may "..believe in Yesterday" but today's Blues team ain't half bad either!

Claire Sweeney (Actress/Singer)

One of Britain's most loved celebrities (where the f**k did I get that info from?) is as dedicated to the Blues as she is producing rubbish day time television. The ex Brookie "babe" can now be enjoyed on a variety of mindless programmes. In her defence she did give the Goodison faithful a welcomed gift when she guested at half time a few seasons ago - she didn't sing. She is so out of tune deaf people won't read her lips. But we still love ya Claire cos you're a Blue!

Robbie G will continue to do pen pics for all these "Famous Fans" OR You could help him out. If you want to write a few words on any of the famous Everton fans at the bottom of the page, then e-mail

Joe Anderson, Leader of Labour Councilors in Liverpool
Ian Astbury, singer with The Cult.
Eirik Bakke, footballer.
James Barton, from Cream, the Club.
Joey Barton, Newcastle footballer.
Brendan Barber, TUC Leader.
Ian Ball, singer with Gomez.
Martin Beamount, Chief Executive of the Co-Op.
Joe Benton, Labour MP for Bootle.
Ian Birrel, Deputy Editor of The Independent.
Peter Booth, The money man of the Liverpool & District Cricket Comp.
Cllr Warren Bradley, Liverpool City Council leader & Everton season ticket holder.
Neil Caple, from Brookside.
Cllr Eddie Clein, Previous Lord Mayer of Liverpool.
Ian Cobain, Ex-Lancashire and now Bootle cricket captain.
Paul Collyer, Championship Manager computer game.
Ov Collyer, Championship Manager computer game.
Paul Connolly, Plymouth player.
Kenneth Cope, Randall and Hopkirk deceased & Brookside.
Alan Dean, New Lord Mayor of Liverpool.
Bill Dean, Star of The Golden Vision; comedian; Harry Cross in Brookside.
Judy Dench, Actess.
Cyril Dixon, Royal correspondent of the Daily Express.
Tanya Danielle, Model/Actress
Cllr Mark Dowd, Chairman of Merseytravel.
John Duncan, Of The Observer.
Kevin Dunn, ITV foreign correspondent.
Martin Dwyer, jockey.
Kenny Everett, Comedian.
David Eyes, Oldham Athletic Footballer.
Lord Faulkner, Labour peer.
Micky Finn, Comedian.
Steve Fitzsimmons, "Cream" licensee.
Cllr Steve Foulkes, Leader of Wirral Borough Council.
George Gavin, Sky Sports TV presenter.
Cllr Ron Gould, Lord Mayer of Liverpool.
Johnny Hanley, Broadcaster with Ladbrokes.
Will Hanrahan, dotTV presenter.
Joey Harrison, from The Crescent.
Ian Hart, Actor.
Derek Hatton, radio presenter, ex-politician.
Austin Healey, England international rugby player
Amanda Holden, Actress.
Bryan Hughes, Birmingham City Footballer.
Mike Hughes, Radio Merseyside Sports Reporter.
Richard Hughes, Drummer with Keane.
Kenny Irons, Huddersfield Footballer.
Lord Barry Jones, Ex-MP of Deeside N. Wales.
Danny Kelly, DJ @ BBC Radio West Midlands.
Bill Kenwright, Theatre impresario, & Everton chairman.
Peter Kilfoyle MP, for Walton.
Sophie Lawrence, Actress.
Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco CEO.
Mike Lewis, from Lost Prophets.
Sean Longworth, from The Crescent.
Andy McNair, from Hollyoaks.
Mirell, Playboy Girl and page 3 Model.
Charlie McCann, Does the horseracing on Talk Sport from The Valentine in Aintree.
Ken McKenna, Manager of T N S.
Eric Moonman. Professor & ESCLA chairman.
Martin Moxon, Yorkshire cricketer.
Jimmy Mulville Writer/Comedian, Everton shareholder.
Bernie Mullin, CEO of Atlanta Spirit.
Alan Myers, Sky Sports TV Presenter.
Shea Neary, Professional boxer.
Gil Norton, Music engineer/producer.
Simon O'Brien, TV presenter/actor.
Keith O'Neill, from Cast.
Mark Owen, TV Presenter.
Mike Parry, Talk Sport presenter.
Paul Preston OBE, Professor of Spanish Studies, LSE.
Mark Regan, Rugby player.

Karl Rowlands, from The Crescent.
Bill Ryder-Jones, guitarist with The Coral
Jenny Seagrove, Actress.
Alan Simpson, Labour MP for Nottingham South.
Steve Sinnott, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers.
Steve Smith, British Olympic high jumper.
Tony Snell, Radio Merseyside Presenter.
Gary Speed, footballer.
Sonia, Pop singer.
Freddie Starr, Comedian.
Ed "stu pot" Stewart, Radio DJ.
Sean Styles, Comedian & Radio Merseyside Presenter.
Claire Sweeney, actress.
Sid Tate, Comedian.
Dylan Taite, musician.
Bill Tidy, Newspaper cartoonist.
David Thompson, Blackburn footballer.
Alan Towers, reporter.
Lee Trundle, Swansea footballer.
Rita Tushingham, Actress.
David Unsworth, footballer.
Brian Viner, Columnist for The Independent.
Bob Wearing, MP.
Elton Welsby, Sports presenter.
Sir Norman Wisdom, Comedy actor.
Steven Wright, Sunderland Footballer

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