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It's back! After A Break, The Sting Ray Quiz for all you Everton anoraks is back on a regular basis.
Every Wednesday, there will be a Toffee Quiz, consisting of 5 questions.
The answers will be displayed the following Wednesday.

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Sting Ray Quiz 166 (25/05/06)

1 Which former blue was transferred from Everton to West Ham, and then to Aston Villa and back to Everton in the space of 12 months.
2 What was the name of the Brazilian player who made his debut for Everton against Spurs in 2002.
3 On Friday 9 April 2004 Everton beat Spurs 3-1 at Goodison Unsworth and Naysmith scored 2 of the goals who scored the third.
4 Who is the youngest player to play for the Blues this season.
5 When was the last time Everton played in front of a crowd of over 70,000 at Goodison Park.

Answers: Wed (31/05/06)

Sting Ray Quiz 165 (12/05/06)

1. When Everton won the League Championship in 1986/87, who was the Blues top scorer.
2. In the same season 1986/87 who was the only Everton player to play in all 42 league games.
3.In the famous 4-4 cup tie against the shite, played on a very cold night in February 1991 who scored Evertons 4 goals.
4.In 1983/84 Everton were involved in an other 4-4 game against Watford (a)Graeme Sharp scored 2 of the goals who scored the other 2 goals
5.The last time Everton were involved in a 4-4 draw was at home against Leeds Utd. in the Premiership in Oct.1999, who scored for the Blues.

Answers: Wed (25/05/06)

1. Trevor Steven (14 )goals
2. Kevin Ratcliffe
3.Tony Cottee 2 Graeme Sharp 2
4.Andy Gray. Adrian Heath
5. Kevin Campbell 2 Don Hutchison David Weir.

Sting Ray Quiz 164 (26/04/06) Cryptic Evertonians

1. An instrumental midfield player ?
2. Man in defence played with pride ?
3. Another fine mess sent off in a derby match ?
4.Name the 2 players signed by Everton from the same club. Both played in the same position and both have the same initials?
5. Which former Blue won at Analfield with 5 different clubs?
Answers: Wed (03/05/06)
1. Barry Horne
2.Mick Lyons
3.Gary Stanley
4.George Wood/ Gordon West
5. Kevin Richardson

Sting Ray Quiz 163 (19/04/06)

1. Name The Former Everton Legend who recently lost his position as reserve Team coach at Portsmouth?
2. Which Former Everton & English International has won a Championship medal in the dutch league with PSV Eindhoven?
3. Who was the last English born manager to win a European competition?
4. Against which team in 1965 did Everton use their first substitute?
5. Who was Everton's First ever substitute?
Answers: Wed (26/04/06)

1. Brett Angel
2. Michael Ball
3. Howard Kendall
4. Notts Forest
5. John Hurst.

Sting Ray Quiz 162 (12/04/06)

1. Everton signed Ray Atterveld in 1989 from which club.
2. Everton signed Olivier Dacourt in 1998 from which club.
3. Everton signed David Ginola in 2002? from which club.
4. Everton signed Richard Gough in 1999 from which club.
5. Name the 3 players who have scored every season since the start of the Premiership (1992/93) and are still playing in the Premiership. One of them has an Everton connection.

Answers: Wed (19/04/06)

1. RJC Haarlam (Holland)
2. RC Strabourg (France)
3. Aston Villa
4. Notts Forest
5. Gary Speed, Alan Shearer, Ryan Giggs.

Sting Ray Quiz 161 (07/04/06)

1 In the 1995 FA.Cup Semi/Final the Blues beat Tottenham 4-1 Daniel Amokachi scored 2 of the goals, Who scored the other 2 goals
2. Where was the venue for the above game
3. What colour strip did Rapid Vienna play in, when Everton beat them 3-1 in the Final of the 1985 European Cup Winners Cup.
4. Who scored for Rapid Vienna in the above game.
5. Who was the last Everton Manager that was not a Professional footballer.
Answers: Wed (12/04/06)

1. Matt Jackson & Graham Stuart
2. Elland Road, Leeds
3. Green & White
4.Hans Krankel
5.1956-58 Ian Buchan

Sting Ray Quiz 160 (29/03/06)

1. Was Neville Southall was ever sent off while playing for Everton.
2. How many players in the current Everton squad have won both League and FA.cup winners medals
3. Not including this season Everton had played 22 European games at Goodison Park and only lost 2, name the 2 teams
4. Who were Everton's Sponsors when they played in the 1995/96 European Cup Winners Cup.
5 Who is the odd one out in the following Everton players Henry Newton Asa Hartford Paul Wilkinson and Richard Gough.

Answers: Wed (05/04/06)

1.Against Chelsea 1985
2. Phil Neville (Man Utd.) R. Wright (Arsenal)
3.Man Utd (1964/65) Feyenoord (1979/80)
5.Paul Wilkinson he was sold to Notts Forest the others were bought from Notts Forest.

Sting Ray Quiz 159 (23/03/06)

1. One of our all time greats Alan Ball won 72 caps for England, how many did he win as an Everton player.
2. In a 10 year period from 1989 till 1999. Alan Ball was the Manager of 4 Football League Clubs. Name the clubs.
3. True or false. Alan Ball's last football match as a player was in a league match against Everton.
4. Which of the following players did Everton pay most for in transfer fees. 1. Marco Materazzi 2. Ibrahima Bakayoko. 3. Tommy Gravesen 4. Tobias Linderoth
5. Name 8 former players who have been capped by England and the last 2 letters of their surname are the same ie Alan Ball. OK now you only need 7.

Answers: Wed (29/03/06)

1.39 caps
2.Stoke City 1989/91, Exeter City 1991/94, Man City 1995/96. Stoke City 1998/99.
3.True Sept. 1982 at the Dell
4.I. Bakayoko £4.5m (1998)
5. Michael Ball, Paul Bracewell, Earl Barrett, Tony Cottee, Brian Kidd, Mike Newell, Collin Todd

Sting Ray Quiz 158 (16/03/06)

1. Who was the Everton manager that signed Alex Young in November 1960.
2. When Everton signed Alex Young which other player was involved in the transfer.
3. Prior to signing for the Blues, Alex won 2 League Championship winners medals with which Scottish club
4. Alex won 2 major trophies while playing for the Blues
5 After gracing Goodison Park for so long the Golden Vision finally left Everton and joined which club.

Answers: Wed (22/03/06)1.Johnny Carey
2.George Thompson. (+£42.000)
3.Heart of Midlothian
4.League Championship 1962/63. F.A.Cup 1966
5.Glentoran (1968)

Sting Ray Quiz 157 (09/03/06)

1 Who was the Everton goalkeeper who was signed by the Blues for £25,000 in July 1980, played 40 league games in the 1980/81 season, and was then transferred to Bolton for £90.000 in August 1981. He was only with the club for 12 months.
2 Which former Everton player (50 games 5 goals, should have been 6.) was later Manager of Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Ath.
Leicester City, and Norwich
3 Marco Materazzi is now playing his football in Italy with Inter Milan, but which club did he join when he left Everton.
4 Which Everton player has the number 12 shirt.
5 Who was Evertons leading goal scorer in 1996/97 and again In 1997/98.

1. Jim McDonagh
2.Bryan Hamilton
3.Perugia (Italy)
4.Li Tie.
5. Duncan Ferguson

Sting Ray Quiz 156 (02/03/06)

1. Which former player was appointed manager of Northern Ireland, while still an Everton player?
2. Tobias Linderoth won over 25 caps and represented Sweden in the World cup in 2002. But what nationality was he?
3. Toby only managed to score one goal for the Blues in his 33 games. Against which club?
4. When Everton signed Andy King from W.B.A. in 1982 which other player was involved in the transfer?
5 When Everton signed Bob Latchford from Birmingham City in 1974 which TWO other players were involved in the transfer?

Answers: Wed (08/03/06)

1. Dave Clements (1974)
2.French. He was born in Marseilles
3.Scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Charlton in 3rd round Carling Cup
4. Peter Eastoe
5.Howard Kendall and Archie Stiles

Sting Ray Quiz 155

1. Which two former players played for Everton, Arsenal, and England, and also managed Manchester City?
2. Prior to joining Everton as manager in 1973 Billy Bingham was the national coach of which country? (not N.Ireland)
3. Peter Beagrie had two spells with the Blues (1989 and 1998) from which two clubs was he signed?
4. When Everton signed Andy Hinchcliffe in 1990 which other player was involved as part of the transfer fee?
5. Andy King also had two spells with the Blues (1976 and 1982) from which two clubs was he signed?

Answers: Wed (01/03/06)

1. Alan Ball and Joe Mercer.
2. Greece.
3. Stoke City 1989 and Bradford City 1998.
4. Neil Pointon +£800,000 Man City
5. Luton Town 1976 and West Brom. 1982

Sting Ray Quiz 154 (17/02/06)

1. Which former Everton player won an F.A.Cup winners Medal with the blues in 1995 and also won a League Cup winners medal with a former club?
2. Which 3 Everton players played for Scotland against Germany in 1999?
3. Which 3 Everton players played for Wales against Spain in 1985?
4. Who was the last Everton player to score a hat-trick In the League Cup?
5. Which Everton player won an F.A.Cup winners medal and a runners up medal in the nineties, against the same team?

Answers: Wed (22/02/06)

1. Dave Watson (Norwich 1985.)
2. David Weir, Don Hutchison, Scott Gemmill.
3. Neville Southall, Kevin Ratcliffe, Pat van den Hauwe.
4. Paul Rideout (Lincoln City 1993)
5. Duncan Ferguson (1995 Everton against Man. Utd.) (1999 Newcastle against Man. Utd.)

Sting Ray Quiz 153 (08/02/06)

1. Which 3 Everton players have played in 3 FA cup finals and came away with a runners up medal on each occasion?
2. In what year did Everton win the FA Cup and only conceded one goal?
3. In what year did Everton win the League Championship by a record 13 points?
4. Bobby Mimms won a League Champions medal with the Blues in 1987. He also won a Premiership medal with which other club?
5. In which season did 3 points for a win come into operation?

Answers: Wed (15/02/06)
1. Kevin Sheedy, Paul Bracewell, Pat van den Hauwe.
2. 1984
3. 1984/85 ( P42 W28 D6 L8 F88 A45 Pts.90)
4. Blackburn Rovers ( 1995)
5. 1981/82.

Sting Ray Quiz 152 (01/02/06)

1. Name the player. He was 30 years of age when he joined the Blues. Besides being an English international with over 50 caps, he had won league championship medals and an FA Cup medal with one of his former clubs. He made his debut for Everton in the last season of the old 1st Division 1991/92 and played in every league game that season, and was also leading goals scorer for the Blues with 15 goals. Everton paid £1m. for him, and when he left the club after 95 appearances (32 goals) he was transferred for £1.45m. He played for a further 4 more clubs before he retired in 1999?

2. Who was the Everton manager who signed Tony Cottee?
3. Only one player has won 5 major medals while playing for Everton? (2 league, 2 FA cup, 1 European.)
4. Name the 6 Everton players who later went on to manage the Blues?
5. In which year were Everton voted “European team of the year”?

Answers: Wed (08/02/06)

1. Peter Beardsley
2. Colin Harvey
3. Neville Southall

4. Cliff Britton, Harry Catterick, Billy Bingham, Howard Kendall, Colin Harvey, Joe Royle
5. 1985

Sting Ray Quiz 151 (25/01/06)

1. Name The Player! Covering the 6 years he was at the club, this former player played over 200 games (3 goals) for Everton. Capped by England B & represented The Football League. He won FA Cup and League Championship medals with Everton. Made his debut in 1979/80 and was the only player to complete the full 42 games for that season. His last game for Everton was against Chelsea in Oct 1985. He retired in Jan 1992 while playing for Bristol City.
2. Per Espen Baardsen made only 1 appearance for Everton in Jan 2003. Against who?
3. What nationality was the above player
4. Which 2 former blues, both internationals, played in the same position and also have the same initials in their name?
5. Who was the last Everton player to be the league's leading goal scorer?

Answers: Wed (01/02/06)
1. John Bailey
2. Spurs Jan 2003 (Richard Wright injured in warm up)
3. American. Although he played for Norway
4. Gordon West - George Wood
5. Gary Lineker