Everton FC History - Goodison Park 11th May 1963

Were you at Goodison Park on Saturday 11th May 1963?

Where you, your Mum & Dad, your sister, brother or uncle part of the 60,578 crowd that saw Roy Vernon score a hat-trick and Alex Scott score the other in a 4-1 win over Fulham?
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I Was There - See Below

Everton Have Just Beaten Fulham 4-1 to be confirmed as Champions 1962/63

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I Was There - Goodison Park on Saturday 11th May 1963 - See Photo Above

* I was ten & it was the first game I can really remember, we were a gang of kids from Edge Hill all caged in the boys pen at the back of Gwladys
Street,it was a really hot day. In those days they used to open the gates to the ground about 15 minutes from time with no police manning them, so we all ran round from the pen to get into Goodison Road, it was really weird, the streets were deserted, then we entered a packed ground of total noise trying to fight our way to the front. Vernon was superb that day as the whole team were but it was the sight of the ' Golden Vision ' that always sticks in the mind of a young lad, that day of days. Peter Miller
. (20/05/04)

* Yes I was there, it was great day as we had not won anything for a long, long while. At that time the RS had not long come back into the then 1st division so we were more than top dogs.

I was 15, used to go with my Dad and our regular spec was in the old paddock, more or less where the away supporters are now. There used to be some seats for the Police, something like a dug out and I was perched on the wall around them. That day we were in our usual spec for the game, cannot remember that much about it but Taff's goals were his usual fierce efforts, except for his one and only header, how a man that slight in build could hit a ball so hard was unbelievable. Alex C was a winger of the old Scottish School, all tricks and perfect crosses. After the game my Dad was keen to get away but I was determined to stay as I knew there would be a lap of honour as hardly anyone had left. The team eventually came out and by that time I was standing on the terrace under Bullens Road. Not for the first time we believed that we would go on to greater things. Regards John. (20/05/04)

* I was there with my Grandfather may even be in that picture in the upper part of the old main stand.! I was 9 years old at the time also managed to be there in 1970 to see them win it again. Clivver2. (20/05/04)

* It was my first ever match. I was 7. All I can remember was we got there early & my Dad got me a space on top of the box, where they kept the metal numbers for the half-time scores in The Paddock. The other thing was this fella shouted "Show him yer arse, Alex!" Didn't know at the time what it meant, but everytime this blonde player player got the ball, I shouted it. Kipper. (20/05/04)

* My Dad [Stan Hughes] was there. He has been watching the Blues since the 1940's and always tells us that it his best Everton memory (he was in Rotterdam etc etc) He tells us that he was in the Paddock with an old family friend. They started the game side by side and finished it 00 yards apart!

One of his big heroes of that time was Roy Vernon - 'no one took a penalty like Roy Vernon'

He took me to Goodison the following season (when I was 2) and we have been going to the match together ever since. We are now accompanied by my kids (6 and 8)
Blue forever. Yosser. (11/05/04)

* Great day. We had been building up to win the championship for five years and when it came it was really something special. I was 24 at the time and we had had some tough years with relegation in 1951. Me and a friend went down town, got royally drunk had Chinese food, and walked all over the place screaming that we had won the league. I was really surprised that there so few Evertonians down town on that particular day .Three months later I left for Canada. Always true blue. I have two sons John EVERTON and Andrew GOODISON. My wife wouldnt let me call my daughter GLADYS. I still follow the BLUES as closely as ever but I liked it much better when we were the rich guys and the REDSHITE were on the dole. John Boon. (11/05/04)

* I was 11 years old when we went to Goodison Park that day. I always went with my Dad and my uncle Joe and we always stood in the Gladwys Street End. What a day that was. We migrated to Australia in 1964 and I have only been back to Goodison Park once in 2000 but I and my son and daughter are die hard Evertonions and will always be. Thank you for providing a great site which I look at every day.
Cheers Michael. (11/05/04)

* Oh yes I was there !! 15 years of age, born a blue and ded proud.

The Street End - there at 12 noon to make sure, right down at the front, boiling hot day and an atmosphere that you could chew. Roy Vernon was one of my favourite players so I was pleased with his hat trick but the overall performance of the team was magic. Wonderful skills and adventure in their play..... that year was my first season ticket (which I kept for 30 years until I was unable to get to the games for medical reasons) and I remember after the game the reception the team got when they appeared in the main stand. Roy Vernon with a cigar fatter than him .. great days !! Off to watch my DVD of the Bayern Game -- great site.. keep the faith. Halewood Blue. (11/05/04)

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