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During the close season, & now during the season itself, we will be monitoring rumours about players who are leaving or signing for Everton. We will be giving kippers out of 5. The more kippers the more likely we think the transfer will happen. If there are rumours you have heard let Blue Kipper know. info@bluekipper.com

Players IN (The Rumour Mill)             Fishy out - 2003 

50. John Carew

John Carew has joined AS Roma on loan for the season. (29/08/03)

John Carew is in advanced talks with the Toffeemen. The big 24 year old forward could sign on a one year loan deal from Valencia, with a permanent transfer a possibility next season.

Moyesy said: “John Carew is one of several players we are interested in at the moment." (28/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Roma

John Carew

49. Claudia Reyna

Man City have agreed a £2.5m deal to sign Reyna. (28/08/03)

With the Davis deal up the swanny and if Everton fail to land Ferguson, David Moyes could turn to Reyna. The cost will be about £2m.

Moyesy said:"He's one of many players who are getting mentioned at the moment." (27/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Man City

48. Barry Ferguson

As Ferguson signs for Blackburn, Blue Bill tries to explain how he nearly got the player. Pull the other one bill. Kenwright say: "Barry Ferguson suddenly became available and Barry Ferguson was another one who the manager desperately wanted. I had four days of very good negotiations with Rangers and when I was getting more confident, and David was getting more and more confident, we made a club record offer, which was £6 million rising to £7 million. And then, sadly, about 36 hours ago, Rangers 'phoned me up and said that they had decided to go with Blackburn, who had offered a million pounds more than us." We couldn't give a flying fuck how you never got him. Tell us the one about a player you're gonna sign! (30/08/03)

Blackburn have agreed a fee of £7.5m to sign Ferguson. This is another kick in the slats for us and Moyesy will surely be getting more and more frustrated that he can't get the man he wants because of lack of money. When are we going to be in a position to match the likes of Blackburn when it comes to going for a player. I mean Blackburn for FS.

Blackburn man John Williams said "We hope to discuss personal terms with Barry Ferguson later today. At this stage, the agreement is only a verbal one with the club, but that's only because representatives from Rangers have been in Monaco for the Champions League draw." (29/08/03)

We won't know until it happens but the latest few twists may suggest he could be on his way to us. First we have David Moyes in Copenhagen to see him play for Rangers, a nice personal touch from Moyesy. Blackburn have hinted that they have had a 3rd bid rejected and probably the most important is our Blue Bill has said he would cut off his right arm if Moyesy wanted it.

Bill Kenwright said: "I keep reading in the Scottish press that I am the guy blocking a bid by David Moyes for Barry Ferguson - that couldn't be more wrong. I would give my right arm to get my manager who or what he wants - and he wants Ferguson."(28/08/03)

Interesting updates in the highest bidder wins. Everton have had their first bid (believed to be over £6m) rejected by Rangers but do intend to make a further offer. While Blackburn have had a 2nd bid rejected.(27/08/03)

David Moyes has confirmed that Everton have put in an official bid to Rangers for the services of Barry Ferguson. Watch this space. (27/08/03)

With the Sean Davis deal falling through the name of Barry Ferguson has come sprung into life. He has told Rangers he wants to leave, but the price, as usual, could be the stumbling block. Don't Rangers still owe us some cadbury's from the Bally deal? You never know.

David Moyes said:"I have an interest in Barry Ferguson and I have done for months and months. He is another name I would love to have at Everton but potentially I don’t know if we have the finances, which would meet with what Rangers are after."(25/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

Ferguson Signed For Blackburn

Barry Ferguson










47. Gerardo Torrado

Sevilla's Mexican 2002 World Cup Star (skin head, who scored a whoopa against Ecuador) is due to train with Everton for a few days next week according to his agent. The 24-year-old played 22 times for Sevilla last season.

Torrado's agent Olaf Bonales says: "There is interest from Everton, who want to acquire the player for a one-year loan with an option to buy him. Everton have invited the player to go on a three-day trial to Liverpool. They are familiar with his ability but they want to meet the player prior to signing him. The economic offer is good for everybody, as Everton would pay 200,000 euros (£138,000) for a one-year loan."

Torrado says: "I'm willing to play there. I want to prove myself and that's a good place to do it."
It remains to be seen if it happens. (22/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

46. Nelson

With Richard Wright struggling to be fit for the Merseyside Derby on Saturday it looks like Moyesy is going to sign the Portugese goalie and throwe him straight in against the redshite. He will sign on a 12 month loan deal, we hope he is a Portugese-man-of-War and gets stuck in straight away. He should be a hit for the away trips on the team bus as he is apparently a card sharp - at his previous club he was known as Nelson Main Dealer! (28/08/03)

Sporting Lisbon goalkeeper Nelson will spend a few days at Bellefield in a bid to impress Moyesy. The 28 year old has medals to his name, & was part of the Portuguese World Cup squad. There is no truth in the rumour that he only plays half a game. That's his brother , Half Nelson (22/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

45. Philippe Delaye

A midfield player, who scores goals. Now there's we haven't had for a while. Phil (to his mates), currently plays for Rennes. Before that he played for Montpellier, where 4 seasons ago he scored 9 times in 31 games. Last season he scored 3 in 24 games. He is 27 years old. (22/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

44. Cyril Chapuis

Well that didn't last long. Apprently, the lad turned up Moyesy told him to get changed ready for training, & he didn't want to. Moyesy showed him the door. Moyesy did not say " Who the fuck do you think you are?"
He did say: "I have not had a trialist here. A player did arrive but didn't want to train, so we sent him away." (14/08/03)

Everton are taking young Cyril on a week's trial. The 24 year old from Marseille may be the answer to our shortage of strikers. He scored only 4 times in 33 games last season. (14/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Leeds

Nice one Cyril

43. Tony Vareillas

A free agent, scored 100 goals in French football, played at Lens, Lyon, & Bordeaux, can play straight away, capped 8 times & has a World Cup Winners medal. We're short of strikers. What's the problem? He's 30 & got a mullet! (13/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

42. Nigel Martin

Everton have had a £250k bid accepted by Leeds for Nigel Martyn. He is discussing personal terms and is expected to sign before tomorrows dead line. (31/08/03)

Reports saying Everton have made a £400,000 bid for the 37 year old Leeds goalkeeper. Yes the same one, who nearly signed for us in the mid 90's. With Paul Gerrard, & Steve Simmonsen failing to make an impact on Moyesy or the fans, Everton only have 19 year old Iain Turner as cover for Richard Wright, who has only just returned from injury himself. Big problem. Chelski seem to want him as well. (11/08/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Everton

41. Robbie Savage

Everton have had a bid turned dowm for the long haired one. Moyesy is desperate to get someone in before the dead line. Will Everton up the bid? The transfer window closes tomorrow at 5.00pm

Birmingham Tart Karen Brady said: "The offer for Robbie was derisory to both the club and the player and has been rejected. We are delighted that Robbie Savage is with Birmingham City as he is a committed player and we hope he will continue to play an important part in our endeavours to succeed in the Premiership."(31/08/03)

Many Evertonians can now breathe a sigh of relief. Steve Bruce has confirmed that Lily will NOT be transferred to Everton. He has even phoned Moyesy to find out if he knew anything.

Bruce said: "As far as I'm concerned Robbie Savage is and will remain a Birmingham City player. I can categorically deny that there has been any bid from Everton and I have gone so far as to speak to David Moyes and he has also confirmed this. Neither of us has any idea at all where this story appeared from and all people are doing is talking about something that is just unfounded speculation.'' (30/07/03)

I still can't get myself going on this one. But the Dash hound has admitted his love for Everton. What a surprise for a redshite supporter.

Lily says: "If Everton want me it's up to them.There's no club I'd rather join. I respect the manager at Everton but the bottom line is I am happy at Birmingham. If Everton want me it's up to them to agree a price with Birmingham but until then I'm happy to stay at St Andrews. If Everton do want me it must be because I have had a good season." (30/07/03)

Lily was rumoured to come to Everton last season. We were spot on with that. Let's hope we are with this. A bid of £1.5m is said to have been offered. Lily says " I'm flattered that a club like Everton may be interested in me." He supported the shite as a kid. His initials are shite. Is he better than what we have? We don't think so. (27/07/03)

Blue Kipper says: No Kippers

Lily Savage

40. James Harper

'Harps' to his mates was Reading's player of the season last season. Playing 30 odd games, scoring 2 goals, but our spies say he was unlucky not to get more. He's not afraid to get forward & support the front men. A bid of £2.5m will secure him, if we fail with the Sean Davis bid. (14/07/03)

Blue Kipper says

39. Dickson Etuhu

Moyesy has denied reports that he is going to sign Dick. Proving he is a genuine Scot.

Mosey said:" There's no truth in that rumour, he is too expensive for us. If I was going to make a move Craig Brown and Derek Shaw would be the first people to know."(04/08/03)

A product of the Man City youth Academy, 'Dick', to his mates was the power in the Preston engine room last season. Only 21. He got his chance under Craig Brown, due to a couple of midfield players leaving. Is a mate of Joey Yobo in the Nigerian camp, although he is eligible to play for England. (14/07/03)

Blue Kipper says

38. Franny Jeffers

Franny Jeffers signs on a one-season loan deal (01/09/03)

This thing looks as though it could go ahead, but not straight away. Like all transfers these days, things move very slowly, especially were Everton are concerned. Why did Chealski sign 6 players in a week? Money Talks. Also Jugears has a suspension hanging over his head.

Blue Bill says: “We are hopeful, but it’s only a murmur at the moment. A conversation hasn’t really taken place yet. David and Arsene Wenger have a lot to think about, David and I have a lot to think about, but it’s a possibility. When the last season ended, David and I sat down and he told me the players he was interested in. The list is still exactly the same; we’re still looking for those players who were on that list. Franny Jeffers was one of those players on that the list. So there is an interest." (18/08/03)

Moyesy has made an approach to Arsne to bring Dumbo back on loan due to our striker crisis.
Moyesy said:
"Bringing Jeffers back to Everton is something I have been thinking about. But I don't believe anything will happen at the present, it's not something that will happen quickly. It is something that I have been considering but I have been considering a lot of moves for players on-loan or even possible signings. We are a bit short up front at the moment and Francis Jeffers is one name that we have been talking about.” (15.08.03)

So Dumbo, who loved his beloved Everton that much, he fucked them off when we needed him most. Now he's made his money, got a few medals for playing a handful of games. 18 starts in 2 seasons. And we think Big Dunc is bad. Now he sees that his beloved Everton are on the up, he wants to come home. Cheeky Bastard.

Jeffears says: "I love living in London and playing for Arsenal, but I haven't been getting much first team action. I was injured a couple of times and that puts you at the back of the queue. There are some fantastic strikers at Arsenal and I would have to wait for my chance, which is exactly how it should be. Arsene Wenger is a great manager and I haven't got any problems, but |'d love a move back to Everton. It's no secret that I'm a massive Everton fan and always will be. I love the club. They have come on in leaps and bounds since I left and David Moyes seems to be doing an amazing job. Wayne is an amazing player. I would love to turn out for Everton with him alongside me. We're good mates and we'd make a great partnership on the pitch."

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Everton On A One Year Loan Deal

37. Scott Parker

Parker signed a 5 year deal with Charlton with the promise if Everton or anyone came in for him next season, Charlton will let him speak to the club. It also means whoever gets him, would have to buy his contract out. (21/07/03)

After the rejection of the bid for Sean Davis, Moyesy may make a bid for Scott. Moyesy says: "He is a player who we have admired in the past, but I have certainly not made any approach to anyone at Charlton and I wouldn't do that until I had spoken to their manager - and at present I have no intention of that." (09/07/03)

A top class young player, who scores from midfield. Has had an outstanding season. Forced his way into the England squad. Would be on anyone's wish list. Charlton have not bought Matt Holland to replace him though. Only a big bid would get him. Anyone know of a new Jack Walker out there? (23/06/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed A 5-Year Deal With Charlton

36. Roger Garcia

Dodger to his mates has had a bust up with his club, Espanyol. He wanted a new contract, but they never offered what he wanted, so he thinks he'll be off. He's 27 with a sweet left foot, a la Sheedy. He has scored 7 goals this season from midfield. The best being a goal you may have seen only a few weeks ago, when he scored from his own half. He sounds like just what we want. (23/06/03)

Blue Kipper says

35. Fitz Hall

'One Size Fitz Hall' has confirmed what we said that Everton had made a bid for him. One Size says: "I was impressed with the whole club and the stadium at Southampton and was just about to sign when David Moyes at Everton made a bid. That gave me a bit of a dilemma, but Southampton had been good to me, so I joined them. " (05/09/03)

On Monday Fitz Hall will sign for Southampton even though Everton offered £100,000 more. He fancies a move dan saf. Good look to him the prick.

Ian Dowie said "They are both great clubs with outstanding managers who would help develop him." (12/07/03)

Ian Ross says: "It's completely untrue. We have not tabled a bid for anybody." We believe you. (19/06/03)

Oldham's 22 year old centre back is the centre of more transfer speculation. 'One size', to his mates is said to have already attracted a £1m bid from The Toffees. Both Everton & Everton are saying zip all. (18/06/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Southampton

34. Zurab Khizanishvili

Zura (to his mates) is a 21 year old Georgian International midfielder or defender, who plays for Dundee. He started his career with Dinamo Tbilisi. He has 18 caps, & is available for transfer. Rangers are favourites to sign him. Everton & Spurs are said to be interested. His agent says: "Zura has returned to Georgia on holiday and we will keep him informed of what is happening. There are a number of clubs interested and he is taking his time to consider his options." (18/06/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Rangers

33. Rob Hulse.

An unnamed club has made a bid believed to be £700k. Dario Gradi says: "We have had one official bid for Hulse, and i can assure you it's not from Cardiff" The amount is about right for Everton. Is it us? (18/06/03)

The 23 year old scored 27 goals for Crewe last season and has one year left on his contract. Crewe boss Dario Gradi says: "Rob has declined the offer of a new contract which is why we have made him available." (12/06/03)

Blue Kipper says

Rob Hulse

32. David Tarka

The Australian Under 20 Captain is expected to have trails this summer at afew clubs including the Toffeemen. Our Aussie friends from the message board bellowingbull and Saint Toffee have slightly different opinions of him.

bellowbull said " he is a bit of a yard dog, commits himself far to early & often & whilst sharp is no speedstar, also collects cards on a regular basis. "

Saint Toffee said "Absolute tough nut, yet he's classy too (In a Tony Hibbert kind of way). He's really versatile, has proven leadership qualities and will pushing Brett Emerton for his spot in the National team in the next few years. (09/06/03)

Blue Kipper says

Tarka's The Big Fella

31. Kleberson

There were rumours last season, but he stayed in Brazil. Now he has sorted things out wth his tart he wants to come & play in the Premiership. He's also kissed the World Cup. (26/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

30. Eyal Berkovic

Berkovic, today asked for a transfer. (28/07/03)

Now 31. Apparently City will release him. Played for Southampton, West Ham, Celtic, Blackburn, before City. A player who can put a ball through on a sixpence (2.5 new pence for you youngsters), & could score a goal or two. Against that, he can show Saint Michael a thing or two about diving. Also if Keegan doesn't want him, do we? (26/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

29. Michael Brown

Plays in the play-offs today against Wolves. If Sheff Utd win, rumours are he'll sign a new contract. If they loose he could be available. He would cost about £4m. He's Sheffield Utd's leading scorer this season with 20. (26/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

28. Markus Babbleon

Someones having a laugh here. There's no chance of signing anyone who butts an Everton player, never mind a redshite with dodgy eyebrows. (25/05/03)

Blue Kipper says: NO KIPPERS

Signed For Blackburn

27. Sean Davis

The Sean Davis transfer saga took another twist today when Fulham Boss Chris Coleman made his feelings known on the matter.It seems to be a battle of wills down there at Fulham, as Coleman says he won't even get in the side as he is more than happy with his midfield.Lets hope Moyesy's plea to the board that the cash be found,does not fall on deaf ears, as this is one our Boss likes, and come the New Year when the transfer window reopens the unhappy Cottager is heading North to Goodison.

Fulham Boss Coleman says: "Sean is a very good player but he has stated that he wants to leave the club and I expect that to happen - probably in January. His transfer request has been sat in my top drawer since August. He's had a long time to ask for it back but hasn't.At this moment in time I'm more than happy with my midfield boys so there won't be any changes. I believe Everton are still interested in him as are one or two other clubs. We will have to see what happens." (18/10/03)

Sean is starting training again next week. That should make him fit just in time for the January sales.
Chris Coleman says: "Sean Davis is taking part in full training from the start of next week, so pretty quickly he'll be looking to get a reserve game in. It's good news on that front and it will give us more options." (03/10/03)

Back On Next Year

Moyesy has told Blue Bill what he wants for Crimbo, and the Wooly's ad hasn't even been on the telly yet!

Sean Davis is still on his shopping list when the transfer window re-opens on the New Year, subject to him having a clean bill of health. Moyesy said, 'I hope to bring Sean Davis to the club at the first opportunity, we can’t do it now. But we hope to sign him in January when the transfer window re-opens'.
'Provided the player proves his fitness and there are no problems with the knee injury, we will try and sign him.I hope Bill Kenwright and the board will agree. There is no one more determined to bring players to Everton than Bill.'

Bill, tell the board to get saving, it looks like the Boss means business! (02/09/03)

Deal Is Off

Moyesy has the last word on the Davis saga.

He said:"We have waited a long time for Sean Davis and it is very disappointing that the deal has broken down. But we will have to just roll our sleeves up and get on with it."(26/08/03)


Sean Davis will NOT sign for Everton before the transfer window closes next week-end.

David Moyes said:" After close inspection it is apparent that Sean Davis is presently unable to complete a medical prior to the close of the transfer window. With that in mind, we are not able to complete the transfer at present." (25/08/03)

Seanie is back at Bellefield today to finish the second part of his medical. You never know we could have a new player by the end of the day.

Moyesy said:"Sean will be back here on Monday, only then will we really know how fit he is when he completes his medical, the first part of which he has already had."(25/08/03)

Moyesy says: "During those meetings Sean has indicated to us that he would like to sign for Everton but there are further discussions to take place.At the moment he injured and he wouldn’t be able to play anyway, so there is time to go before anything is a completed. The injury is a problem. We have to address it, which we are doing just now and at the moment it is one of the things that would hold everything up. But as I have said before I don’t think there will be any news on anything regarding Sean Davis until the middle of next week.” Right lets leave it at that. (22/08/03)

At last! Moyesy has spoken to Sean. Moyesy says: "I showed Sean around and he is thinking things over at the moment. But his injury means he will still be out for another month so we are getting a serious amount of checks done today and he will see a specialist also. The deal will not be done until we are sure everything is alright - but we are hopeful." (22/08/03)

Today's daily bulletin on Sean is that he was supposed to be in talks with Everton last night, & that he will sign today after his medical. We'll see. (22/08/03)

Fulham boss Chris Coleman gave an update of the Davis transfer saga. So we could be in talks this week-end.

Coleman said:"The Claudio Reyna deal could go through at any minute. We are very close to signing him and once we get the all clear, we will give Sean Davis the all clear to go and talk to whoever he wants. It is highly unlikely that Sean will be a Fulham player past the transfer deadline.(21/08/03)

Who said this transfer saga would end today? Rayna was holding out for more cash, so he still hasn't signed. He is in London, though, which means we may be able to talk to Davis tomorrow, but don't hold your breath. (20/08/03)

This epic transfer saga should end tomorrow. Everton's Ian Ross says: "We expect the whole thing to be cut and dried either way within 36 hours". Things have moved on today, with Fulham sorting out the Claudio Rayner transfer. Now Moyesy can talk with Sean. Significantly, Boro have today signed Spanish International Mendieta for the season. Sean could fancy playing with him for a season, or fancy playing with The Duke for 10 seasons. Sean! It's over to you! (19/08/03)

Fulham manager, Chris Coleman, asked if he felt Davis may change his mind over leaving, said: "No, I don't think so. I think his mind's made up." Lets hope it's Everton. (18/05/03)

We all thought that Sean would have an hour with Moyesy & he'd be ours, but Fulham have kicked that into touch. They now won't let any talking take place, until they sign a midfield replacement. It is thought to be Claudio Rayner from Sunderland. (15/08/03)

At last Fulham have accepted our bid but, they have also accepted a bid from Boro’. If Moysey works his magic he may be playing against the arse on Staurday.
Moysey Says:" We have been given permission to speak to Sean today and hopefully we can convince him that his future lies at Goodison.” (14/08/03)

Everton got knocked back with their increased bid by Fulham today, but still remain favorites to sign Sean, even if they have to wait until right up to the transfer deadline on 31st August ,to get their man. Everton are banking on a combination of Fulham getting Claudio Reyna from Sunderland, & them wanting to get rid of a player, who costs them £20,000 a week, & yet doesn't want to play for them. (13/08/03)

Everton are in the driving seat at last, but will they crash at the last bend? Steve McLaren from Boro was hoping that they could entice Sean to the North East. Yer having a laugh! They even tried to get Mark Crossley involved in a player plus cash deal, but Fulham wouldn't have it. If Everton up their original bid, which by all accounts they will do tomorrow, then Sean should be ours. The main thing is Sean wants to come. BIG BUT. This is Everton. (12/08/03)

Chris Coleman has made it clear to all concerned that Fulham will need a replacement before he goes anywhere. Claudio Reyna maybe be the man to plug the gap for Fulham.

Coleman said:"Sean has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for Fulham. That's his prerogative, but the fact is that he is under contract for two more years, and if we can't get a replacement for him he will be staying here. Ideally, though, we will get somebody in because I don't want anybody to be here who does not want to be here."(09/08/03)

Moysey hopes that Fulham will reconsider the original offer from Everton and still believes that is was a fair bid especially with Joe Cole (a full international ) going to Chelsea for £6.6m.

Moysey said:"We have already made what we feel is a realistic offer and we hope that in light of this latest development Fulham will reconsider."(08/08/03)

Sean Davis has spoken of ambition to get into the England squad and to do this he must move from Fulham. Well Seanie what an opportunity you have to start laying on goals for Wayne in an Everton shirt as well as an England one. It's up to yerself.

Sean said:""I've been at Fulham a long time and now I think it is time I moved on. I have made the decision with no disrespect to Chris Coleman, who is a great guy. In fact, the decision was made harder because of my respect for him. Hopefully he will do well, but I have to put myself first. The European Championships are coming up at the end of the season and I feel I would have a better opportunity of making them by moving to a bigger club. (07/08/03)

Sean Davis has officially handed in a transfer request to Fulham. The reason he states is to further his career. This is good news for Everton, and with Moysey wanting this player surely Sean will be Everton's first new face of the season.
More news to follow.... (07/08/03)

Sean has injured his knee, minutes after coming on as a second half sub for Fulham in a pre-season friendly in Austria last night. He was taken off as a precaution. So he'll be sitting around thinking about a possible move to Everton while he's injured. Could be the best thing that's happened to him. (24/07/03)

Fulham manager, Chris Coleman has laid down the gauntlet to Davis, by saying the only way he will let him go is if he puts in a transfer request.
Coleman says: “Sean wants to be informed of any new bids that come in for him but that’s all. Unless he refuses to play for us any longer and puts in a request to leave in writing then as far as I’m concerned he’s staying. I understand his ambition to join a bigger club in the future. But I also do not believe that the speculation is getting to him, judging by the way he’s been training in pre-season.” So Sean get the pen out. (21/07/03)

Seanie wants to see his Manager again, it seems he wants to speak to the Toffeemen. David Moyes is playing it cool as usual.

Moysey said:"We are trying to exhaust every avenue possible, but if you think back it was the same last season before we eventually got the players we were after."

"It looks as if Sean Davis is a step too far for us now. The price we have been quoted is out of our capability, but we will keep pursuing it for a little while longer."(15/07/03)

Sean Davis has had words with his manager, & still doesn't know what's happening.
Sean says: "We'll just have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. There is nothing to say at the moment." (13/07/03)

Is this going to be this seasons Everton transfer saga? It seems that Seanie has got a titty lip on with Fulham because they have not kept him updated on Evertons offer and now he may request a meet with David Moyes.

Moysey said: "Hopefully, we will get a positive outcome. At the moment it's not positive, but, who knows? Things might change."(10/07/03)

The £3.5m bid, leading to £5m was rejected by Fulham. Moyesy must see if Blue Bill will up the bid or look else where. A Fulham spokeswoman says:"Everton made an official bid. This has been officially rejected. We don't want Sean Davis to leave, nor will we be encouraging any further offers."

Moysey says: "I will speak to Bill Kenwright today and see where we go from here. But there is not a great deal of money around and I won't be dwelling if it's not to happen. I will have to try and move on and start looking elsewhere."

We have it on good authority that Everton have made a £3.5m official bid for Sean Davis. Seanie (to his mates) is flattered by the interest, & would like to talk to us. Fingers crossed, but hey, this is Everton! (08/07/03)

It seems that Sean is the one that Moyesy is going for. It has been suggested in afew of the Sundays taht he has made a bid, but Coleman, Fulhams boss, is having none of it.

Moyesy said, "We have got a genuine interest in Sean Davis, but I cannot say much more at the moment."

Mr Mustard said, "The bottom line is that Sean says he is happy here and until he tells me otherwise that is the end of it. I'm not surprised Everton are interested and I'm sure a lot of other clubs will be as well in the future because he is a fantastic player - but we have had no firm offers." (07/07/03)

Moyesy has laid his cards on the table and said that Sean Davis is the man he is after, the problem is that not only do Fulham say he is not for sale, they also reckon we could not afford him! Watch this space. (05/07/03)

More rumours in the papers over Sean, but Everton will need to pay around £5m for him. (09/06/03)

The Fulham midfielder has had a good season. Again he's young, but will attract a sizable fee. Not a great goalscorer, but better than any of our midfielder's this season with 4. May be released to give Chris Coleman cash to buy new players. (25/04/03)

Blue Kipper says






















26. Matt Holland

Has got the experience of playing in the Premiership. A very fit & industrious player, but 29 now. So may not figure in Moyesy's plans. But could be used in a deal taking Gezza to Ipswich, as they still need to offload players to ease their money problems. (25/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Charlton

25. Steven Reid

The 22 year old Irish International, is subject to a lot of talk, mainly from Millwall's chairman, who seems to be touting him around. Blackburn are said to be interested if Duff and or Dunn leave the club. He is predominantly a left sided winger, who has played upfront & as an orthodox central midfield player. Has scored a couple of screaming goals, but does not score that many. (22/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Blackburn.

24. David Dunn

Dunn is back from holiday, & it looks like a straight chioce between Brum & us. Or he may just stay put for another year. (26/06/03)

Birmingham seem close to be close to signing David Dunn according to Sourpuss

Sourpuss said: " Birmingham have come back in for David Dunn and the two clubs are close to a deal. We've had a few enquiries for David but Birmingham are the one club who has made a firm bid."

Meanwhile Moysey said:"There isn't likely to be much happening until July."(14/06/03)

Birmingham & Blackburn were back in talks again last night. Birmingham are obviously trying to find a way to get him, but without paying that much upfront. So Everton better get their act together or loose him. Someone better get Moyesy out of his management course, & start the ball rolling. Surely with the new transfer regulations, & the increase in revenue from the record season tickets there must be a way to sort it. One saving grace is that Dunn may not fancy going to Birmingham. We know we wouldn't. (10/06/03)

Everton have become favorites to sign him. Moyesy says: "David Dunn is one of several players we are interested in, but no talks have taken place." (03/06/03)

Birmingham have had a £5.5m bid turned down by Blackburn. The bid was £3m down, & £2.5m if Brum stay up over the next 2 seasons. Blackburn said shove it. Moyesy is believed to want Dunn to give the midfield that little bit of class it's been missing, even if it means spending most of his transfer kitty. It's believed that Blue Bill has agreed to give a £4m down payment, upping it to £5.5m over the season. Everton's wages structure can give Dunn more wages than Birminham. Dunn says: "I'm on holiday with my family & girl friend, & I'm just enjoying myself." (27/05/03)

A young midfield player, who scores goals. On the fringe of the England squad. He's just refused to sign a new contract with Blackburn. Sounds too good to be true. Big problem is he still has two years to go on his existing contract. Therefore Blackburn, who don't want him to leave will expect bids of around £5m. This means that we haven't got the cash, unless Moyesy can recuperate some extra cash from the sale of players. Or do a swap deal with any of the midfield. Souness would want Gravesen. (23/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Birmingham

23. Michael Essien

Apparently Bastisa have turned down a bid of £3m plus Alex Nyarko (that equates to about £250k net - no wonder they've turned us down!). The club have confirmed that the only offer they have received is from Everton, it looks like Moyesy has got this one in his sights (28/05/03)

Moyesy watched Mike (too his mates) playing for Batisa v Sochaux last night. Apparently he wants to try his hand in the premiership. He has played 29 times scoring 6 from his midfield position. He 's not afraid to get stuck in, being booked 13 times & sent off once this season alone. Only 20, the Ghanaian International would cost about £3.5m. (21/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for PSG for £5m

22. Lee Hendrie

It is widely rumoured that Moyesy is after Aston Villa midfielder Lee Hendrie, the rumours also suggest that Tommy Gravesen could be linked with Villa in a swap deal. Hendrie fits into the Moysey mould, young, hard worker and a fierce will to win, on top of this he can also score goals so he would be an asset. However, unless Tommy has done something to upset The Moyesiah then we can't see him going in the opposite direction. (20/05/03)

Blue Kipper says


20. Cowpat Burger

Sorry for the pic but there is no way I am putting an image of a shite player in a pink shirt on this page. If he signs then we will have a change of mind. He is on a free, he is a left side midfielder and he may be what we need.

David Moyes didn't give us any clues, he said: "We're looking at a lot of players. I wouldn't rule it in or I wouldn't rule it out." (19/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Portsmouth

Hamburger Man

19. Lee Bowyer

We can't make our mind over this fella. We had to vote on vote on whether to put him on this page or not.The yeses won 3-2. The fact is he is an England International and he is on a free. On the playing side he would certainly bring something our midfield has lacked all season, but will Moyesy take the gamble? (18/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Newcastle

Lee Bowyer

18. Steven Caldwell

Steve, the Newcastle defender has rejected a new contract offer, & could be available on the cheap, as he's only 22. Steve says: : "The ball is really in the club's court now because I have rejected the offer they made me and I'm waiting to see if they come back with another offer for me. I'll just have to wait and see what happens, but hopefully things will be sorted out one way or another by the start of next month." He has played 17 times for the Toon this season, & is a Scottish International. (14/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed 1 year Deal with Newcastle

17. Jason Koumas

Everton tried to land Jason just before last season's deadline on a loan deal, but were knocked back by Tranmere. Jase (to his mates) then went to WBA. With the Baggies being relegated, they will want to re-coup some of the transfer money. Jase was back in Birkenhead last Sunday. He let us know that he would like to come to Everton. So there you go. All we need is a few bob to sign him, & there is the problem. (07/05/03)

Blue Kipper says

Jason in his Tranmere days

16. Jody Craddock

Last Years Sunderland Fans Player of the Year could be a target for Moyesy. With Sunderland down, they will be looking for some cash from the sale of players. Craddock has played over 100 games for the Black Cats. He was signed by Peter Reid. We believe Everton will be shuffling their own pack to get the cash. The 27year old cente back will cost around £3m. (29/04/03)

Blue Kipper says

15. Stilian Petrov

After his performance against the shite, O'Neill has decided to offer him a new contract after all. (23/03/03)

Stili had a decent game against the shite last night. Nothing spctacular, but good enough to beat average opposition, who were not up for the game. Well played Stili. (21/03/03)

Stili (to his mates) is a young 22 year old midfield player, who has been in and out of the Celtic side all season. The Bulgarian Internatonal has scored 8 goals this season. Has had problems with a new contract. (19/03/03)

Blue Kipper says

14. Joe Cole

Of all the players mentioned on this page, we have it on good authority that Moyesy would like Joe at the top of his wish list. Joe & Wayne got on well in an England shirt. The problem is, as always, is the cash. West Ham want about £7m - £8m. We haven't got it. So it would mean a deal like. 'We'll give you £1m now, plus another £6m over 5 years if we are in Europe." Go on Bill. Try it! (20/06/03)

This rumour was completely dismissed by Moyesy today. But isn't great that Everton are now mentioned when there is young talent knocking around.

Moyesy said:"I knew nothing about it until this morning. And I don't know who thought I would have £8m to spend. Everybody is aware of our financial situation. There is nothing in it at all." (14/03/03)

Blue Kipper says:

Signed For Chelski

Cole & Rooney on England duty.

13. Alessandro Grandoni

Sampdoria defender, Sandro (to his mates) is having a fine season at the Heart of the Seria B table toppers. The 25 year old is strong in the tackle, & scores the odd goal. (06/03/03)

Blue Kipper says

12. Darren Bent

There are more rumours flying about Darren coming to Everton. Ipswich need the cash, & we need a young goalscorer. (23/03/03)

Moyesy was at Molineux last night to see Darren in action. Wolves beat Ipswich 4-2. An England international at U15, U16, U17 and U19. Like shit off a shovel.13 goals this season for Ipswich. Plays upfront in the middle or down the flanks. Another youngster we are getting linked with. How Refreshing! (20/02/03)

Blue Kipper says

11. Darren Ambrose

Everton have lost out on a great opportunity to sign a great young player, & all because they can't find £1m. That's the price Newcastle paid for him yesterday. Ipswich are in a bad financial state, & will accept any offer for any player. (25/03/03)

Ipswich need the cash, & we need a young goalscorer in midfield. This maybe a goer. (23/03/03)

Moyesy was at Molineux last night to see Darren in action. (20/02/03)

A great prospect. An attacking midfield player. 10 goals from midfield this season says it all. Moyesy is again linked with a youngster (19) who can score goals from midfield. (19/02/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Newcastle

10. Gavin McCann

Gavin's name has popped up again as a possible target, but this time with some comments from David Moyes.

Moysey said: "He' s a player that I have made an enquiry about but at the present time the price that s being asked for him is too much. That's how it is but he is a player that we admire and it's true that we are interested in Gavin." (17/07/03)

Due to a clause in his contract, Everton get a percentage of his transfer fee, if he goes to another club. So put 2+2 together, & we should be in the driving seat, as we'll get him cheaper than anyone else. Played a hand full of games for Everton, before he joined Sunderland for £500,000 in 1998. Started well for Peter Reid, scoring goals from midfield. He hasn't produced the form this season. Only problem is, is he better than what we have? (15/02/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed for Villa £2.5m

9. Matthew Etherington

Mushy to his mates is an out & out left winger. He is quick, gets to the line, crosses, & can also score himself. Those who saw the home game against Spurs can vouch for that. He had a great tussle with Tony Hibbert, which came out all square. He went on loan to Bradford last season, & although he started the season, he was left out again, & the cornishman asked for a transfer. Still in & out of the side. He may still want to get away. (15/02/03)

Blue Kipper says

8. Jermaine Pennant

Pennant's name was splashed all over the back pages when he moved from Notts County to Highbury in a £2million deal that left County alleging that the Londoners had poached their star talent. capped by England at Under-15, -16, -20 and -21 level, and became Arsenal's youngest-ever first team player at the age of 16 on his debut in a November 1999. The progress he wants to make hasn't been forthcoming. He has only started a handful of games over the last few seasons. (15/02/03)

Blue Kipper says

7. Steve McManaman

McManaman has joined Man City on a 2 year deal. (29/08/03)

Steve McManaman has again stated that he has a future with Madrid, but has come out with the best statement yet.

He said:"I have a contract and I want to continue here so that I can be of use for the new project. As far as a move to Manchester City, Everton or Celtic is concerned, I can tell you that nobody has approached me with an offer." PROJECT MY ARSE (21/08/03)

I/t seems that the veteran player has been told he is not in the new managers plans. This has been reported in the /Spanish press. (14/08/03)

Moyesy says: "It seems now that everyday we are linked with one player or the other and Steve Mcmanaman is another name. He is a name that I have already admitted we have an interest in but it is starting to get crazy at the moment. People know who we have made offers for players, and nothing has happened on those fronts and I would say there is nothing happening with anyone just now." (30/07/03)

Macca has been singled out by the press, as one of the players, who maybe left behind when the team go on pre season tour. New Madrid coach, Queiroz says: “I want to be honest with my players and if they are not in my plans I will tell them." (21/07/03)

Steve McManaman has rubbished reports of him returning to England and why should he want to return. He's got all the cadburys in the world and he doesn't play to get it. It is stupid of us to think that he would want to come back and play a game of footy now and then.

Macca said: "I have had lots of calls aqbout my supposed move back to England and I'm supposed to have lost my shirt number and been shown the door. But it's all nonsense. The truth is I'm a Real Madrid player. We won the league and now I'm on holiday. I love it at Madrid. I'm going to be back training next week and then I'm off on tour to the the Far East."(17/07/03)

There was a lot of shit flying around yesterday that we had actually the Real Madrid season ticket holder. But it was a false alarm. Some knobhead from Radio Merseyside claimed we had him signed.

Ian Ross said: "It's news to me."

Moysey said: We've not made any approach for him and I've not had any contact with Steve McManaman because he is under contract with Real Madrid."(16/07/03)

The Prisoner used to say. I haven't got a number I'm a free man. Well does Macca want to escape his luxury after finding out he is not getting a shirt number. The only number Macca will be getting from Real Madrid is his season ticket number, Row A Seat No 68. Will he decide to make a move now that he is not wanted? David Moyes says he could be interested.

David Moyes said: "We have not spoke to Steve McMananman, there has been nothing done with Steve McManaman, he is just somebody who I think could be a good addition to the squad. At this present time I cannot say anymore on it and we are not doing anything just now because people know I am pursuing Sean Davis. I want to get some young players in rather than those who are coming to the end of their playing days, though I wouldn't put Steve McManaman in that category yet."(14/07/03)

After all the talk in the papers over the weekend, Bobby Spokesman has denied any secret meetings between the Toffeemen and The Real Madrid season ticket holder.

Bobby said: "There has been no contact between Everton Football Club and Steve McManaman." (30/06/03)

Well it made the front page of The People. "Everton Go For Macca" was the headline. The story stated that Moyesy and McManaman have been in secret talks with a view of bringing Macca to Everton for the start of the new season. The big stumbling block is the massive £60,000 pounds he gets a week for having a Real Madrid season ticket in the best spec in the ground. What a pallova.(29/06/03)

Evertonians all over Europe have been following McManaman this weekend. Pedro Blue saw him leave Madrid yesterday. Yet Billy's Auntie who works at The John Lennon Airport saw him come in on an Easyjet flight today. But Lol saw him at the Paul McCartney concert at The Kings Dock tonight. Doubting Thomas says he'll sign for us, & be paraded @ a press conference at Goodison tomorrow. Believe what you want. It's up to yerself! (01/05/03)

This thing won't go away. The only good thing it will do is wind the shite up. Which is not a bad thing. (31/05/03)

An Evertonian coming to the end of his contract. He's won loads with Real Madrid. Has 34 England caps. He maybe feeling homesick. It's time to come home. He's 31. He was spotted outside Goodison.
He had this to say “I saw Bill Kenwright, who I know, and I went over to talk to him. There were thousands of fans around and I know Everton players, I know Liverpool players, so you can see how rumours like that start. There were rumours about me; there were rumours about Robbie Fowler. If you were once an Evertonian there are always rumours about going back and things like that.” If Walter was manager he'd have a chance, but Moysey got shut of the over 30's. Just ask Gazza, Daavid, & Jesper. No chance, Macca. (14/02/03)

Blue Kipper says : NO KIPPERS.
Signed For Man City

6. Benjamin Lauth

We have it on good authority from our German spy that Benjamin, "Benny" to his mates, of 1860 München is looking for a move to the Premiership & Everton is his preferred choice. He has seen TheToffees play & likes what Moyesy is doing with the team & likes the idea of linking up with the young players at Goodison. The 21 year old striker has played 17 games this season scoring 9 goals. He is already a German U21 International. The problem is the cash. His club don't want him to go, & all the big guns are ready to pounce. (09/02/03)

Blue Kipper says

Benny Lauth

5. Jamie McFadden

As we reported yesterday, 20 year old striker/winger, Jamie looks like he's coming. Michael Dunford says: "Everton have agreed a deal with Motherwell over the transfer of James McFadden. Hopefully the transfer will be completed before today's 5 pm deadline." HOPEFULLY? It better be DEFINATLEY! (01/09/03)

With Everton desperate to sign someone before the 5.00pm deadline tomorrow, reports from Scotland are saying Everton have put a bid in for McFadd. (31/08/03)

Jamie won praise from Scottish boss Berti Vogts, after a bright performance alongside our own Gary Naysmith. Berti says: "McFadden stays in the squad for the Germany game. The time is right for him. He had a very good first half playing out wide and put in a lot of good crosses from the left and right." (28/05/03)

McFad scored a hat-trick today in Motherwell's 6-2 win over Livingston in the SPL. One of his goals was a penalty in which he chipped the goalie. (24/05/03)

Moysey has denied any recent talks about McFadden. But you never know he may bo back soon.
Moyesy says: "We did make an enquiry about McFadden last summer, but we have not been back since. (16/05/03)

After Motherwell refused an offer of £100,000 to take the tough tackling Jamie on loan until the end of the season, Everton offered a straight £500,000 to buy him, but they got knocked back with this.
Motherwell says: "The offer was substantially below our valuation of James McFadden." (30/01/03)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Everton £1.25m

James McFadden

4. Lee Miller

Lee looks like the one everyone is after. Whoever bids the highest will get him.

Falkirk general manager Crawford Baptie said: "If we could sell them on then it would be to the highest bidder. The players know that if someone does come in with the right money then we would not stand in their way.I could tell you 20 English Premiership clubs have watched Lee Miller. I look at all the faxes that come in and I have seen Arsenal's. The amount of Premiership clubs who come here is incredible.(08/03/03)

Lee scored for Falkirk yesterday, when he hit a superb free-kick into the top corner of the net. (02/03/03)

Lee got back to Falkirk to find his manager, Ian McCall had done one to Dundee Utd. He was still cock-a-hoop after his week's trial at Bellefield.

Lee says: "The facilities at Everton are incredible. It really is a different world. Their players were great and down to earth. They made me feel welcome and the likes of Davie Weir and Gary Naysmith couldn't do enough for me. Wayne came to training and we did crossing and finishing together. His strike rate was incredible - he missed only about one chance from 50 balls. I've been impressed by his performances on TV but he's even better in the flesh. Tomas Radzinski was another who scored for fun. I hope the things I learned from Rooney and the rest can help me at Falkirk and to get a move.

Davie Moyes pulled me aside at the end and told me I had not looked out of place and he will be keeping an eye on me. I appreciated his words of encouragement. He will come to see me at Falkirk and then make up his mind." (03/02/03)

Lee had another great game on Saturday in Falkirk's 4-1 win over Arbroath.

Tarten Toffee Davie says: "Lee was unlucky not to score. He had three great efforts, & two of them ended in goals, when the other trialist, Sammy scored from the rebounds. Lee is good in the air, & a tidy player, who can score goals." (21/01/03)

Rumours must be rife around the Falkirk training ground this week as Moyesy is on the poach there again. This time it's 19 year old striker Lee Miller, fans favourite Lee chalked up 11 goals in 29 appearances last season and had hit 7 in 18 games this season, he's also been sent off so would be in good company with Our Wayne! (14/01/03)

Blue Kipper says

Lee Miller

3. Collin Samual

As with Lee Miller, Falkirk are determined to get as much as possilble for even though there hasn't been many offical bids.

Falkirk general manager Crawford Baptie said:" We have only received one offer and that was for Collin Samuel. It was from a Scottish Premier League club during the transfer window and it was rejected."(08/03/03)

Striker Collin Samuel was unlucky not to break the deadlock for Falkirk yesterday when his 25-yard strike hit the post after 20 minutes. (02/03/03)

After watching his first Premierhip at Bolton on Tuesday night Collin reckons he could do a job for the Toffeemen.

He said:"'I wish I was on the pitch because I'd be totally confident of making an impression.'

His agent Raymond Sparkes thinks that because of the attention that Collin has attracted from other clubs it would be wise for Everton to get him sooner rather than later.

Sparkes said:"It was just a wild coincidence that he scored a hat-trick in 30 minutes at the weekend and then went training with Everton this week. But anyone else who wants to see him is going to have to go to Falkirk and have a look. Now Collin's developed his reputation, David Moyes might be forced to act quicker than he might have done." (30/01/03).

Sammy scored his 2nd Hat Trick in a week when he scored 3 in the 1st half against Hearts today.Tarten Toffee Davie says: "He turned his man & rifled a shot home for the first. He showed his pace & left the defence for dead for the second, & the third was a deft chip. He starts a weeks trial at Bellfield next week. (25/01/03)

Collin 'Sammy' Samual scored a 30 minute Hat Trick on Saturday in Falkirks 4-1 win against Arbroath, but our Tarten Toffee, Davie reports that he should have had 5.

Tarten Toffee Davie says
" He's a big powerful lad, who is lightening fast. He's only 20-21. He can play centre forward or as a winger. He needs to work on his control, & his finishing." Bit harsh Davie. He's pictured with the match ball (right). Give the lad a chance.

Falkirk Manager Ian McCall says: ” David Moyes is a pal of mine and I turned down two or three Premiership Clubs, but I know David and I know they will be looked after and I know there will be something in it for Falkirk and that’s why I did it, so we will expect to see someone from Everton on loan”. We wonder who? (21/01/03)

Sammy says: "I was really surprised to hear that Everton were interested and that can only be good for your confidence. We're just going down there to do as best as we can and see what it is like to play in a higher league. We're going down after the game against Hearts and it's a great opportunity for me."

The 21 year old Trinidad & Tobago striker is currently at Falkirk, banging in the goals using his pace & power. Rumour has it he will come to Everton for a weeks trial with the view of joining us in the Summer if all goes well. (14/01/03)

Blue Kipper says

Hat Trick



Hat Trick Hero - Sammy
Hat Trick


Collin Samual

2. Franck Jurietti

The Monaco defender is to have a quick trial at Bellefield. The 27-year old, who can play at full back, central defender, or right midfield is likely to sign on loan (what else) until the end of the season. He has played at Bastia, Marseilles, & is now in his second spell at Monaco. You won't see Franck in a red kit on this site. (07/01/03)

Blue Kipper says

Franck Jurietti in a BLUE kit

2. Colin Healy

Amazing this really. He's signed for a 1st division club - Sunderland. (29/07/03)

Healy's agent, Mel Stein, has been stoking up the fire, as there has been no contact by any club with Celtic. Healy is available on a free transfer from 30th June 2003. Stein has been in touch with Everton, Aston Villa, & Sunderland. It's thought that Healy has ruled out Sunderland, & will want to move for a Premiership club. Things could happen when Stein returns from a trip to USA this weekend. (18/06/03)

With just one more day before the transfer window closes Everton may have to wait until the summer before they try and get Healy. The Toffeemen offered £150,000 a couple of weeks ago, but Celtic want close to £300,000. The Toffeemen will not be increasing the offer so the balls in Celtics court.

Moysey said:“We’d still be interested in bringing Colin Healy to Goodison. We made an offer and Celtic know what it is.” (30/01/03)

His agent Mel Stein says "Celtic and Everton are quite close to a deal. But they haven't reached an agreement yet. I have no idea when it is likely to be concluded because I have no control over it so it's now just between the two clubs. If they do come to an agreement then Colin will be an Everton player before the transfer window closes if they don't he won't. I'm not sure a move away from Celtic is a good move at all because Celtic are such a massive club. But if you are going to go anywhere then Everton is a good move for any player." (09/01/03)

Everytime Moysey says something, everyone sits up & takes notice. The reverse seems true with Everton chief executive Michael Dunford. Apparently Everton have made a bid, & are in talks with Celtic regarding the possible transfer of Colin to us.

Dunford says: "It is still unclear whether he will arrive in the transfer window or wait until the end of the season." Well if he doesn't know. Who does? (09/01/03)

Moyesy thinks Healy has got more of a chance coming to us at the end of the season rather than January.

Moyesy said: "Colin is a player we are interested in, but I have seen reports saying we are about to pay £300,000 for his services which is completely incorrect. I have had one telephone conversation with his agent and that is it." (18/12/02)

Celtic's Irish International midfield player wants to leave his club, & Moysey could be in with a shout, come the January transfer window.

Moyesy says: "We’ve had people at games looking at a number of players and Colin Healy is one of them,”

Colin says: "I knocked back the contract offer simply because I'm not getting enough first team football. I'm in the Irish squad now, and I also played a lot of games at Coventry last season, so it's obviously been frustrating to come back to Celtic and find myself sitting in the stands most weeks. That's something I've had to get used to over the last few years, so there would be no point in me signing another three-year deal just to do the same. I'm disappointed, but I understand that there are a lot of good players here at Celtic. I'm just looking forward to moving on now, and I'm excited about what might happen. I've seen a few clubs linked with me in the papers, but you never know whether those stories are true or not. (22/11/02)

Blue Kipper says

Signed For Sunderland

Colin Healy

1. Ibrahim Said

Nuff has gone home. He didn't like scouse. (15/04/03)

Nuff Said has signed from Cairo-based Al Ahly until the end of the season, but he won't be an Everton player until he gets clearance from the authorities. He should be available for the Spurs game. (02/01/03)

It looks defo that Enough will be coming next week, with the possibility of more to come.
Moyesy said: "We hope Ibrahim will be the first of several new players who are going to come in during January."(29/12/02)

Moysey is keen to bring in 'Enough' to Goodison in January. He never had enough dough when he was on trial last time, but has been trying to sort out a deal.
Moyesy says: “We are talking to his agent about the possibility of him coming to join us in January.” (17/12/02)

'Enough' came on for the last 30 minutes against Dunfirmline, & looked good. Reading between the lines, we think Moyesy would like to have him, but the old budget is spent. So Everton will have to ship someone out or get him on a loan deal. (29/07/02)

Ibrahim made his 1st appearance in an Everton shirt today when he played the full game in the 6-0 win at Hampden Park. He will stay with the squad for the other 2 Scottish games, before Moyesy makes his mind up. (23/07/02)

This fella sounds like a nutter. A defender, who has been a hit at his Egyptian club, Al Ahly. He nearly joined Boro last year, but his International commitments put told to that. Nicknamed 'Hima' he has a habit of scoring several goals while joining the attack. His quick temper and crazy behaviour has been a major problem. He dyes his hair with a different colour for every match. If he joins us, he won't dye his a certain colour. He was 100,000 Egyptian Pounds, for not keeping to camp rules during the African Nations Cup in Mali. He was sent back to Egypt without playing a single match. Al Ahly say they have received a $2 million offer, but Everton want to give him a trial.
Moyesy says:
"He has been recommended to us & we plan to have a look at him" (19/07/02)

Blue Kipper says


'Enough' Said in his Everton Kit

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