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On our Jolly's

Am I the only one who regrets us not making the Inter Toto Euro-Pub Tournament? I was well up for the 2nd game in Greece! Guess I will have to make do with a trip up the road to Sweaty Sock land! No more training camps in Northern Italy, that will give the slackers something to moan about.
On the player front, I think Dubery would be a good signing if the price was right. Ignore what you hear about his past injury problems as they were mostly related to team politics at Leeds. He is a solid player who would do well along side Davey. Also I think we have missed the boat on young York keeper Russ Howarth, he seems to be caught up in the York City revival and won't be going anywhere, (except for Leeds perhaps).
PS- Whats this I ahve been hearing about the Guv'nor, I would have Afgan Savage ahead of that little red shite anyday! Yorkshire Blue. (20/05/02)

Robbie G.....

.....I think you give Naysmith a shit rating. Until he got injured he was brilliant. Bigdunk10. (20/05/02)


Have any other Evertonians noticed that the words to the Boyzone song NO MATTER WHAT sum up the trials and tribulations of being an Everton fan perfectly? Allan R. Murray. (20/05/02)

The Future

Firstly, the FA Youth Cup. Villa can have it with my blessing. WE'VE GOT WAYNE ROONEY !!!! Jeez, it's been a long time (Jeffers and Jevons included) that I've genuinely felt "Yes"...you'll fucking do for me my son. But believe me I did last night. It was the first time I'd seen the lad, but the geezer next to me said that it had been the tactic all season to just launch it and let Wayne do the rest (season '86?). Pity Villa sussed this by the second half and to be honest one lad in their midfield (poss. Marshall) was a bit tasty. But fuck me, he genuinely does seem to have the lot, and yes, I know he's young, with all the dangers and temptations that go with that, but when Harvey's using words like "Doglead"(red Scottish twat that broke my heart as a 15 yr old when he left the bhoys to join them), then we have to listen. I also heard last night that Utd have already shown an interest. To see him in action, as the youngest on the pitch, was special. Bumped into a workmate at half time and he said "Fuck the Owen comparisons, that was Shearer out there !!". I had to agree. Praise indeed. Please Wayne, please !!
Secondly, a lad who sits by me in the Park End has some mate or other with a connection to Puma, and he's had a butchers at the new kits (all 3), and he was ravin' about them. Let's hope so, as it would make a fucking change.
Thirdly. What's all this I hear that he has told the whole squad that their jobs are safe ? I mean, yeah, ok, we need a bigger squad perhaps, but does that mean that we have to endure some of that shite AGAIN. And does that also mean that there's fuck all out there that is that much better, with the money he has to spend ? Obviously, by not off loading, this now means that the wage bill (the largest share of our finances I believe) can only be increased by this. Or has some extra funds suddenly appeared? I'm confused.
Finally, having watched Stubbsy's performance against the Arse, and all the mail about MOTM award (don't they get it ?), I thought back to the start of the season. Having a few beers in the Hard Rock(just why have we never had one?) in Manc land waiting to see U2, we got talking to a couple of Bolton lads who told us that we'd signed one of the best defenders in the country. The only problem with him is that he sometimes thinks he's Zidane, and will cost you at least five goals a season !! Nuff said. Keep it up boys.
Park End Bill. (20/05/02)

Look to The Yoot

Just wanted to say that the youth team should not be too disappointed in defeat to Aston Villa on Tuesday night. This was a very good Villa team, with some excellent performances, in particular the Villa number 8, who was absolutely outstanding. The left hand side was excellent, and the two bothers up front looked every bit as dangerous as our own strike force. In the warm up, it looked a bit obvious that the Villa boys had a bit more of a physical presence than our lads and this does make a big difference at that age. I also hope that we do not put too much expectancy in young Wayne Rooney, after watching him he looks like an excellent prospect, but we need to give him at least a season in reserve team football first, I am sure Mr. Moyes will do what is best for the lad, and we all hope for a bright future for all of the side who took part last night.
Tom Coleman. (20/05/02)

Big Numbers

Any chance in getting the squad numbers for next season being numbered from 100 onwards.On the few occassions were on TV it will have to be explained why thus letting the world know about our history.
Tommy Malone. Paddock Row 9. (20/05/02)

Lucky Numbers.................

.......15, 16, 13, 14, 17, 15, 6, 15, 17, 13, I played all sorts of combinations of these "lucky numbers"- by now you will have recognised Everton's pox-awful league placings from the last ten miserable years- in New York's $22million lottery draw on Saturday night. Needless to say I remain not-a-millionaire. So when do the numbers change for Everton???? When Moyes gets some geld to splurge on some future Alex Young???? When 60,000 people are paying 1500 quid for season tickets to the new Stadium????? When TV rights go belly-up leaving dozens of clubs owning millions to players who can't play??????? I say change the numbers....let the 18 and 19 and 20 year olds have their chance Mr. Moyes, and let's leave 18th, 19th and 20th place far behind
and put the People's Club back where they belong..........at Number 1.
Paul Daly, New York & Dublin
. (15/05/02)

Stubbs Star Man at Arsenal

who made Alan StubbsStarman at highbury he was at fault for the first 2 goals , the Starman by far was lee carsley , who had his best game in the blue shirt , if we get someone in the summer with pace to play along side him we will do better next season. All the best David Jones ( newtown ). (15/05/02)

Alan Stubbs

Alan Stubbs MOTM @ Arsenal??!! You must be kidding, looked terrible in defence, Weir covered up for him on more than one occasion, plus he gave 2 goals away!! The sooner we get some young blood in, to learn from Weir, the better. Keep Alan Stubbs as a squad man. The real MOTM was Carsley, closed down people well, and formed a good link between midfield and attack, hopefully a sign of things to come.
Carl Stewart
. (15/05/02)


Great page boys, If Everton sign that wanker savage they can stick the club up moyesys arse cos were not going forward with tossers like him in the team. So I wont go to Goodison until the prick fucks off or BIG DUNC fucking batters him. Cheers. Rob McNeil. (15/05/02)

nice one lads!!

Just wanted to say cheers for the season. Discovered bluekipper earlier this year and the wit and humour on your site is fantastic-and we get a bit of politics too (Mickey blue eyes, you are class) Reading the reports on your site have made the season almost bearable.... Lets hope next season brings greater things.
Mike (upper Gladwys). (15/05/02)

World Cup

After watching Everton play against Arsenal today I'm glad the Ikea kids have been chosen for Sweden.
Let's hope they are chosen to play against England. With 9 Swedes against England's 11 we should win that one! Eric Owen Toronto, Canada. (15/05/02)

Sausage's Arsenal Report

...the Moyes clearout (Gerrard, Stubbs, ALEXANDERSSON, Campbell, Blomqvist, Gemmill, and Moore - should get at least £1.5m!). you guys are quality! spot on as per usual...... Treacle. (13/05/02)

Proud to be an evertonian!!!

Well what can i say about the preformance at Highbury? Bloody amazing if you ask me!!! It was a joy to watch as we played the Arse of the pitch and created far better chances than them, the difference was we had a slightly worse defence than them and it fell asleep at crucial times. For the first time in many years i am actually looking forward to next season and what it holds for us Evertonians. I'm just wondering who Davie may bring in. I was pleased today with Carsley who i thought played a blinder, if we can hold on to Tommy over the summer then we could have a pretty strong Central Mid pairing next year. Alexandersson has to go he has no pace and backs out of 70/30 takles. Campbell should be on his way, he also lacks pace (lots) and doesnt make the keeper work often enough. I was very unhappy with the way Stubbsy played today as he was at fault for probably 3 out of the 4 goals.

I think during the summer that Davie should bring in: - one keeper, Gerrards days are numbered, One centre half, a right winger and an attacking central midfielder, and one or maybe two attackers/strikers (preferably with pace).

I'm not asking for much am i? Maybe so but i feel that is what we need to make our selfs a top 11/12 team. We also have to look to bring young Rooney and youth players though gently and slowly. Remember what happened to Cadamateri and Branch. But this time we have a decent manager with a decent head on his shoulders, dont forget we are the peoples club afterall. Thanks Bluekipper you have a wicked site
Jamie Armstrong. (13/05/02)

Alan Stubbs is an Evertonian but...

Go on then boys, make Stubbsy Starman for the Arsenal game, I dare you. Today, he showed what he really is, a cart horse (shitty one at that) Sorry to go on but the fella may be an Evertonian, but so am I and unfortunately that alone does not make me a Premiership player, and nor is your good friend Mr Stubbs (who can't even be arsed coming to pick up his award). So please no more worshipping at the shrine of the beloved Alan. Rhino for Centre Half ( he's an Evertonian as well) Blue Mac. (13/05/02)

The New Kit & Arsenal

Thanks a lot for the bluekipper info. An excellent, informative & witty website for all of us True Blues, I visit it daily from my Costa Blanca base. It's overcast & windy currently in Spain. Do you know when the New Puma home Shirt will be released by Everton ? Good luck to Everton at Highbury on Saturday & did you know the Gerrard "Dicky" Houllier thought that Boyz2Men was a delivery service !! Keep the Blue Faith & the outstanding BlueKipper continuing Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. Stewart. (13/05/02)

Memory Lapse

I've just read an article by Phil Sinnott on the BBC Sport Website with regards to winning the F.A. Cup & League title in the same season. Here's a quote, see if something is missing:

"Before this recent spate of Double successes only Spurs in 1961, Arsenal 10 years later and L********l in 1986 had previously managed the feat. Prior to Spurs' ground-breaking triumph, Newcastle in 1905, Sunderland in 1913 and Manchester United in 1957 all went close. Each club won the League, but they stumbled at the final hurdle, losing the FA Cup Final."

I'm sorry did I miss something ?? Has 1985 been erased from all memory. Not only did we win the title but also the European Cup Winners Cup & then lost the F.A. Cup. More typically uneducated & uninformed shit from the BBC - I think I might cancel my TV license !!! Jonathan Shaw. (13/05/02)

Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association (WISA)

On 2 August 2001, the majority shareholders at Wimbledon Football Club (WFC) announced their plans to re-locate the club to Milton Keynes. Ever since, they have been in a state of civil war with the club's supporters and players, with the Football League (FL) and with the football world as a whole. Next week, a Football Association (FA) commission will rule once again on WFC's application. This matter has implications for football from the highest level down to the grass roots.

WFC's majority shareholders bought into the club on the back of Sam Hammam's idea to re-locate the club to Dublin. When Dublin was blocked by UEFA and by the Football Association of Ireland, attention turned to Milton Keynes. The move was kept quiet through Egil Olsen's reign as manager (as the Norwegian owners did not wish for their national icon to be caught in the cross-fire), but was re-awoken in late 2000.

It is the view of Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association (WISA) that the proposed move to Milton Keynes is little more than a property deal for the majority shareholders, a move designed to recoup some of the £28m they paid to invest in a club whose value is now nowhere near that figure. The owners would benefit in Milton Keynes from a share in the ownership of a multi-purpose stadium and from the income streams from other developments on the site. Indeed, in January 2002, current Chairman Charles Koppel was quoted as saying that Milton Keynes was `a platform, a foundation to justify the investment'. Yet there is no evidence that the owners have any interest in the long-term footballing future of the club. WISA believes that Mr Koppel's strategy to secure Milton Keynes is based around pleading poverty, a plea that would not hold water if the club got promoted to the Premier League. WISA believes that this theory is supported by the fact that Mr Koppel tried, this season, to sell or loan at least seven first team players to WFC's direct promotion rivals. Furthemore, manager Terry Burton, a member of the WFC staff for 14 years, was sacked within 24 hours of speaking out in favour of a return to Merton. The majority shareholders, some of the richest men in Europe, do not wish to spend any money on WFC until they get their way. The FL have now blocked the move four times, and in January an FA arbitration panel did not approve the move.

Perhaps the FL and the FA both recognise the wider implications for football. WFC's move to Milton Keynes would set a precedent for the franchising of football, with clubs being bought and sold to which ever town can provide the highest bidder. But the collapse of ITV Digital has shown that there is no longer a market for the floating supporter, who might - or might not - turn on his TV or turn up at the turnstile. Football must recognise that it should rely ever more on the supporter paying on the turnstile, the supporter who has remained most loyal to his club and to his sport. It is only genuine football support like this which will hold the fabric of the national game together. Ironically, even Bjorn Rune Gjelsten - who along with Kjell Inge Rokke originally bought 80% of WFC Ltd - understands this: in a meeting with supporters on January 24 2001, Gjelsten stated that Milton Keynes `might as well be Oslo' and that if the club did move there `something has gone seriously wrong'.

Thus, even a proponent of the plan recognises the serious, negative consequences for WFC and for the game itself. On the positive side, the London Borough of Merton - WFC's traditional home - remains a realistic and achievable option for WFC. WFC's original site at Plough Lane remains viable. WISA commissioned an independent architect's plan of a 20,800-seat on Plough Lane. This was and remains the

only study of Plough Lane undertaken by any party. WISA also commissioned an independent survey of local residents, which concluded that the 20,800-seat stadium on Plough Lane would attract up to 18,000 local residents to home games. Most importantly, Plough Lane has the full and public support of Merton Council (with the Council leadership re-elected in the recent local council elections), and has attracted the interest of several potential investors. The FL is in the process of overseeing a feasibility study of the Plough Lane site, to be conducted jointly by WFC and Merton Council.

Merton works for Wimbledon Football Club. Milton Keynes does not work for football as a whole. WISA asks you to write to the Football Association as soon as possible to make clear to the commission your views on this matter.

Please contact or write to: Adam Crozier, Chief Executive, The Football Association, 25 Soho Square, London W1D 4FA. e-mail: info@thefa.com phone: 020 7262 4542 fax: 020 7745 4546

WISA asks for all letters to be submitted to the FA by close of play on Monday 13th May.

Yours sincerely, Kris Stewart, Chair, Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association.PO BOX 32923
Wimbledon, London SW19 4FN. Tel: 020 8540 7396. Fax: 08707 471232. Website: www.wisa.org.uk
Email: chair@wisa.org.uk

Cut Throat

today i met a well known northern irish sports journalist who had been recently in contact with david Healy and Colin Murdoch of Preston ND(both Northern ireland internationals). They told him that Moyes presents a very different image to the media than that which can be seen behind the scenes. Apparently he is one of the most ruthless cut throat managers in the english game and this is how he gets his players playing, by scaring the shit clean out of them. Also i wouldnt be suprised if Healys name was mentioned in connection with Everton, it would be about time we signed another Northern Irish international.
Brian Morgan Belfast. (09/05/02)

Robbie Savage

Well, i take it that you boys at Bluekipper dont like Robbie Savage. That does surprise me a bit. I think he is a battler who gives 100% every game. Without him, Leicester would have been relegated way before they actually were. I'm Welsh, and i go to watch Wales every game, and i tell you, there has been many a game when i have thought to myself. I wish he was at Everton. He plays his heart out every game and never stops running which is more than i can say for a number of our midfielders at the moment. He wins more ball than our midfield put together.
Trust Me, Robbie Savage would be a good addition to the Everton Squad. Stuart Williams. (09/05/02)

Robbie Savage, & Who we should Buy

What is up with you muppets? Where you not at the Blackburn or Leicester game? Have you been watching this season, or are you always at the bar? Our middle of midfield is appalling. He may not be the best in the premier, but the guy gives 100% week in week out. Surely this is what we need isnít it? Forget what his hair is like, it is not important, what is important is that if we go into the next season with Gemmill and Gravesen as our midfield hub, we are in for another season of misery. I am not saying lets pay 5 million, but if we can pick him up at around 3 it will prove to be good business.

Other players we could pick up reasonably priced are, Dean Ashton surely he will not want to be playing 2nd division football next season and David Thompson although ex Redshite, was a decent player for Coventry even when they were relegated. Jason Koumas, Martin Reuser at Ipswich and obviously a new keeper would all be welcome additions for me. The only snag is who are we going to sell to raise some extra transfer funds?

Steve Watson may fetch a couple of million, and we have more than our fair share of left backs at the club, so unfortunately either Naysmith or Unsy as Pisto is by far and away the only actual class act in that position. We wouldnít get tuppence for Super Kev or Dunc and do you think we would get more than £1 million for Gemmill? Which leaves Alex (donít let the door hit you on the way out), possibly Grav, and Gerrard (not really worth a bean) as the only others worth more than a few farthings.
Oh well it should be fun! Any fans out there been recent lottery winners? Tom Coleman. (09/05/02)

Chris Woods - Goalkeeping Coach, My Arse!

Lets hope Mr Moyes next priority is a goalkeeping coach,or just sack Woods as I cannot see why they pay him wages,far from improving old Jezzabel and Simonsen he has had a detrimental effect,if you ever watch him with the keepers before a game he has the same old tired routine,
1. cross the ball into an empty goalmouth for said keepers to catch(no lumbering centre forward anywhere near them).
2. volley a few at them from the penalty spot.
3. see how far you can kick it.
Highly technical eh?
These two keepers of ours are on thousands a week if they can't performthese simple tasks, they shouldn't be at EFC.God only knows what they get up to at Bellefield during the week!! Anyway get Woods off the wage bill and if they want I'll come down and perform his tasks FOC!!! Anything to reduce the debt!!!
Derek D Sullivan. (09/05/02)

The Rat

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've just read the Rat's interview, and I'm sat here like the kid in the Ready Break advert !!! I was in a fortunate position in the 80's in that I was in Bellefield two or three times a week, and got to know our heroes pretty well (better than most as I learnt not to ask for anything), and Kevin probably better than the others( he even borrowed my Bowie vids - made sure he signed them on return however), and always had time for a chat. He was not only one of my heroes, but a scall and a gentleman at the same time. A very rare breed. My mind wandered back whilst reading the interview and before I knew it I'd lost half an hour due to pure indulgence of those wonderful times that they gave us. Thanx Kipper.
What a pity that some of our loyal followers have never seen anything that even comes near those heroes and their performances (think about it, those fans who are even 25 will struggle....scary lar !), but at least some of us do have those memories to cherish. Better get off as I'm filling up !!!!
Park End Bill. (09/05/02)

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